Is gaming performance better on Linux than on windows?

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Although valve introduced steam and games to the Linux platform, the father of GNU worried that the anti-piracy mechanism against the free and open source principles of DRM, however, the support of mainstream game vendors in Linux systems is still a milestone, which is still a major advantage and disadvantage for promoting the development of Linux.

Valve is not a simple tool to develop Linux games, because the underlying graph APIs of Linux are different from those of the current Windows operating system. The former is mainly based on open OpenGL, windows systems rely on Microsoft DirectX, which has become an absolute mainstream. Few companies use OpenGL APIs to create games, the most well-known is the id software led by carmark.

Does Linux provide better performance than Windows games?

In fact, OpenGL and dx are technically similar. The surface subdivision technology introduced in dx11 also supports OpenGL. Specific to valve's left 4 dead 2 game, although only DX9-level technology, this game has additional advantages on the Linux platform, that is, the performance is higher than that of the Windows platform.

Phoronix reported that in a set of i7-3930K processor + GTX 680 graphics card platform, win7 SP System Using d3d rendering "Left 4 dead 2" game has FPS, however, in Linux, OpenGL rendering is 17% FPS, and the performance is higher. In Windows, OpenGL rendering is only FPS. In short, the Game Performance in Linux is better.

This is only the currently known information about the left 4 dead 2 Linux platform game. The details will wait until next week, because valve will describe how they optimized game clients in Linux at this year's Siggraph conference.



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