Is it a management Information system (MIS) or information management systems (IMS)?

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Is it a management Information system (MIS) or information management systems (IMS)?

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In fact, this is a very simple problem, but so far a lot of information-based people are often not clear, it is easy to make jokes.

Remember in 2000, I happened to be in the University of Beijing Guanghua School of Management MBA class, I am to the unit to do it strategic planning, just can use the knowledge (at that time the leadership has not started the MBA training), I according to the business classification planning: XX1 Management Information System, XX2 management Information System, We lead to change it to "XX1 Information Management System", "XX2 Information Management system". I had a great time to explain to the leadership, before the "Information management system" to change back to "management information systems". More than 10 years later, this error is still repeating, which highlights the problem of Chinese computer education: Our computer majors do not learn "management information system", while management students learn "Management Information System."

Management Information System: its object is management, that is, it is a kind of business management information system, such as "exploration and Development Management Information System (EPMIS)", refers to the exploration and development of business management information system;
Information Management System: its object is information, that is, it is to manage some information system, such as "Exploration and development information Management System (EPIMS)", refers to the exploration and development information management system, This obviously makes a joke.

Of course some people may feel that this is in the buckle words, in a dead-in, not actually. This is a very rigorous problem, the reverse order, the meaning of the difference between 108,000.

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Is it a management Information system (MIS) or information management systems (IMS)?

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