Is it recommended to share the useful sublimetext2forpython plug-ins?

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0 reply content: anaconda Not bad.
Like SumlimeJEDI, jedi is also used. CodeIntel: auto-completion + Member/method prompt (strongly recommended)
SublimeREPL: Used to run and Debug programs that require interaction (E.G. Programs that use Input)
Bracket Highlighter: matching and highlighting parentheses
SublimeLinter: if the code pep8 format check is normal, when command + B runs the python program, Sublime reports an error when raw_input () exists,
SublimeREPL can be implemented through Python-Run current file, and this can also define the shortcut key:
For details, refer to my Baidu space:
My Python notes The SumlimeJEDI plug-in is strongly recommended, and the code complementing intelligent sensing is super easy to use At present, I have installed the following plug-ins: andypython, Python standard library help prompt, that is, when you do not know how to write, provide usage
, Sublimerope, smart code plug-in Anaconda not much said that I tried several sublime to directly run python plug-ins, but it was not ideal. Then I wrote a gadget myself.

#-*-coding:utf-8-*-import sublime, sublime_plugin, osclass PythonrunCommand(sublime_plugin.TextCommand):def run(self, edit):self.view.run_command("save")cmd = "@echo off & python " + self.view.file_name().encode('gb2312') + " & pause"os.system(cmd)
GitGutter is similar to git's diff effect. Mark the changes and add lines on the left.

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