Is MacOS Sierra very slow? Why? And how to fix it?

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After upgrading to MacOS Sierra, this is normal if your Mac slows down. Let's take a look at the possible causes and solutions.

MacOS Sierra slow your Mac compatibility run new Mac OS X 10.12

If your Mac model does not belong to the following MacOS Sierra Compatibility List, you might consider rolling back to El Capitan,yosemite or any version of OS X that you used earlier, or upgrading your hardware.

    • MacBook Pro (2010 and later)

    • MacBook Air (2010 and later)

    • Mac Mini (2010 and later versions)

    • Mac Pro (2010 and later versions)

    • MacBook (at the end of 2009 and beyond)

    • IMac (end of 2009 and beyond)

Software Solutions1. Freeing up memory

Cleaning up the entire hard drive is the most effective way to speed up your Mac. There are plenty of unnecessary data such as caches, logs, applications, widgets, language packs, plugins, hidden garbage and large files that are constantly stored in HDD. You can process and clean them manually, but it takes a lot of time, and you have to repeat this lengthy process often, and I'll give you a quick introduction to this topic. I will introduce Cleanmymac 3, the best professional app to clean up your Mac for a few minutes.

CleanMyMac3.9 Chinese version download:
Removing duplicate content will help to free up the hard drive to speed up slow MacOS Sierra. You might want to see how to find and delete duplicate files under MacOS Sierra.

How do I manually clean up my Mac's hard drive under MacOS Sierra? take advantage of new optimized storage capabilities

Optimized storage on MacOS allows you to store your content in the cloud and save space as needed. When storage space is needed, you rarely use files, photos, movies, email attachments, and other files that are automatically stored in the cloud.

Freeing up your Mac with optimized storage features

To start this feature, Apple menu-> About Native-> Storage-> Management ...

In addition, we can manually clean up the MAC using the following keys:

    • Empty the Trash Bin folder in MacOS Sierra

    • Remove all applications that you do not need

    • Delete log files: In the Finder window, press and hold the COMMAND + Shift + G key combination, call "Go to Folder" function, and then enter the following path:


    • Delete data from the download folder

    • Clean mailbox: In the message, select Mailbox > Clear Deleted Items > on all accounts and mailboxes > Clear junk e-mail

    • Find and delete useless large files from your Mac. Click here to see specific instructions.

    • Moving large files to an external hard drive

2. Use disk utility to optimize disk
    • Restart your Mac, press and hold ' command ' + ' R ' until Mac boots to recovery mode

    • From the top menu, start Disk utility > select Macintosh hd> Click the First Aid button.

Run first aid on MacOS Sierra

3. Clean up your cluttered desktop

You may store a large number of files on your desktop, causing the entire desktop to be flooded with files and folders and other content. Do not do this because it will degrade the performance of your Mac.

A large number of desktop files can cause Sierra to slowly clean up the desktop to allow the Sierra to accelerate the display of Mac desktops.

4. Adjust the moderate UI experience

MacOS Sierra provides a top-level, fresh user interface. Awe-inspiring effects like transparency and heavy application responsibility will slow down the Sierra OS. To turn off "heavy impact": System Preferences-> Accessibility-> Display

MacOS Sierra is slow just make sure the reduce motion and decrease transparency boxes are selected.

5. Managing startup Projects will accelerate MacOS Sierra

System Preferences-> Username-> Login Items-> Click the lock symbol in the lower right corner to manage your login items.

To do this, you solve the slow login of Sierra.

6. Turn off Siri

I personally found that my MacOS Sierra was running slower in the context of Siri. Turn it off and you'll see the good results.

System Preferences-> Siri-> Uncheck Enable Siri

Disabling Siri on MacOS Sierra

7. Upgrading Hardware

If possible, upgrade your memory and connect to your Mac computer, which will definitely speed up your Mac if possible.

However, you should follow the guidelines on the Apple Support website, and within the user-upgradeable Mac, the User Guide will list the processes involved in upgrading RAM.

These are the slow solutions for MacOS Sierra.

MacOS Sierra is slow? Why? And how to fix it?

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