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Colleagues in the company often complained that the project's user experience is too bad, often scolded by the leader. We all think that the design of the user experience, the company's personnel and experience are not enough to cause. When you complain, you will also say that if the company can afford the "Taobao" UI designers, our system will certainly be a higher level. I have always thought so, that our design is an important factor that affects the experience of the project. Recently being led by the transfer to assist a project, resulting in a number of different experiences.

Project background, a new product, a small project, a pure developer 3-4 people, 2 skilled developers, 1 novice, and occasionally assistance staff. Without a technical manager, the project manager has a number of projects, is concerned about the project schedule, and the department manager assists in the work and schedule management. You can see that management is still quite confusing.

Due to the slow progress of the project, the leader asked to transfer a skilled person from my side to help develop. I also have a basic understanding of their project status, in order not to let my people go into the flying blind, I will go with him to understand the project situation.

Project situation is worse, involved in the project has been developed for a period of time, only two retained documents, a database description, a very rough description of requirements, but also with the development of the progress of a different step, is not maintenance.

I understand the current difficulty of the project, developers and I reflect one is the proficiency of the problem, the second is the issue of change in requirements. I have an overall understanding of the project's current needs and design, as well as progress. Just pick a module to ask about their change, this module is a keyword matching function. The result is that when the leader looks at their pages, the amount of information is too small to provide some more detailed display of data. When the developer asked me what I had to say, I simply spoke about how the page was built. One of the points that is used to change the range of data, that is, the query's table changes, I initially felt that using the dropdown box would have produced some comments. It is suggested to be divided into different modules, or tabs, or multiple blocks of juxtaposition. When I thought about it, I told them what I thought was the pros and cons of several schemes and their scope of application.

1. Multi-block Parallel display

Multiple different ranges of data are displayed in the same form in different areas on the same page. The reason is that there is a certain correlation between the data and causal relationship, or worth comparing. Scope of application: such as multiple items in the shopping site comparison.

2. tab page

Multiple tabs on the same page, which means that the data in multiple tabs may be associated with a certain area of concept, but the correlation is not strong. Because the tab page is more important is to emphasize the state of a synchronized work, that is, a tab to view certain information, open the B tab to see other information, Midway back to a tab. Scope of application: such as mailbox, Inbox and draft box.

3. Drop down box

A Drop-down box is used as part of a query condition, often in a regular or fixed selectable content, such as sex, month), more in the form of filtering, that is, the dropdown box is more suitable for a field of a table filter, if the data range or for the user needs intuitive understanding of the important business conditions is not appropriate. Scope of application: If you use the Drop-down box to filter the "men and women" or "fail" in the exam results.

4. Single selection box

The Radio box has a similar scope to the Drop-down box, but the difference is that it will all be displayed with the option to give the user a clear idea of the actual range or condition of the current data display, as well as alternative ranges or conditions. More appropriate for options that are important to the actual business and current presentation data, and different options may trigger different behavior for the user. Scope of application: If the banking system shows the current user to bind multiple accounts, use the Radio box.

After this discussion, we have carefully analyzed the user's actual requirements in this module, as well as possible subsequent operations, the final selection of the selected box scheme.

There is no follow-up, but I think we are based on the user is really demand mining and follow-up operation of the serious analysis, we will be in the need to discuss with the leadership of a more fully rational basis.

Back after I looked at Taobao search page, such as the search for "shoes", the brand this column set for radio and dropdown will be a completely different effect, and the reason for the determination of the scheme is the user's needs and practical behavior of in-depth research. This should be the result of demand analysis and research. The search conditions are labeled as tag on the page, and can be directly clicked on the X button to delete, I feel more inclined to the user experience. It is a good user experience to simplify and guide the user's behavior to satisfy and take full account of the user's actual needs.

When we are faced with the system is very difficult to use, often this time is not the user experience is poor, we should review the user needs have not been well dug, made out is not users want, users can use the system.

Author: Chen (@ a casual worry)

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