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In the design of electronic products, it is often mentioned that simplicity is an important element of design. But many products, not necessarily concise is the first element. Concise design, must be a thorough understanding of user needs, guide users to complete the necessary operations on the basis of a refine design to promote the subtraction. In peacetime life, I pay attention to the garbage collection around the way, want to from the garbage classification and recovery design, talk about good product design should have some characteristics.

March 1, 2010, "Beijing Evening News" published an article titled "Garbage Classification demonstration area encounters awkward classification" articles. said that the newspaper long-term concern of the Xuanwu District Jiangong South District, known as "China's first Green community", as early as 1997 began the classification of garbage experiments. In the 12-year period, the 23,000-square-metre community Tet in the "Rubbish Classification" practice – nearly 30,000 a year, but has been at a loss. The reason for the loss of two is worth pondering, one is the sanitation department garbage collection without "recyclable" and "can not be recycled" rubbish, all fall in a garbage truck inside pull away, the second reason is "the community of young tenants more up." Some people do not understand the community as a ' demonstration ', ' pilot ' glorious history, coupled with work busy, throwing rubbish is more casual. ”

We can learn two points from the failure of the "garbage classification demonstration Area" model for two reasons:

1, the integrity of the product planning and the implementation of the product concept is very important: the government has spent a lot of effort in the "recyclable" and "can not be recycled" trash box, from a dustbin into two, or even multiple bins, the cost of natural up. As a result, the recycling link is not done well, two kinds of garbage in the garbage truck or mixed together. This gives us the inspiration is that the product planning if not comprehensive, omissions in any one link may lead to product failure. At the same time, the implementation of product concept must be deeply rooted. From the beginning of the product analysis, positioning, planning, to the designers to start interaction, visual design, and then to development, testing, product concept should be known to everyone, everyone adhere to.

2. The education of users must be a fast and sustainable process, because although the user itself has not changed, but its composition may have been in time and space has been replaced. For example, QQ users are not immutable. Older users are changing as they grow older, and new users may have new features and needs. For the user group changes, the product if not to the education, and then new features to adapt to the current situation, will certainly face the original no contradictions and problems.

In fact, product planning and user education two points are very big topic, want to do a good job is not easy, but if from the design point of view, the product to make appropriate changes, may be the South District garbage classification problem will be solved. Here Japan's garbage classification and recycling design is worth our reference, the design of its public garbage bins as an example:

1, identification easy to identify. Figurative graphics are easier to read than abstractions. Use the most figurative, most common graphics to identify the classification of garbage, so that each user (including children) can be clearly identified, and the exact classification of garbage.

2, pay attention to the necessary user behavior guidance. The shape design of the throwing port of the public dustbin in Japan is different. For example, newspapers, publications, such as the throwing mouth design for long strip shape, and can throw the mouth design is round, plastic bags and other scrap of the throwing mouth is square. And the domestic garbage bin design is not so much attention, so that users will be free to discard without hesitation.

With the technological innovation, the product experience is also progressing, the interface and the operation is more simple and convenient seems to have become a judge of a good product standard. Both Apple and Google are examples of this standard. Can you recall that these products are really as simple as they seem? I think the product design is more complicated. It's just that this complexity mimics our day-to-day behavior and is in line with people's perceptions and makes them feel like they don't exist. For example, touch screen operation is more abundant.

iphone Design Mould

The touch screen operates in a rich and natural way.

To sum up, good product design seems to need to have two quality: 1, feel very simple; 2, actually not simple. At present, many products are drifting in between the two, some more of the Shanzhai products just imitate the design of the shape, but far from imitating the design inside the god. In order to better serve our users, the design should be in the early stage of the product planning, the user's subdivision began, step walk well every step.

Read here, I think we have to solve the South District garbage classification problem Heart has the answer.

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Article source: Tencent CDC Blog

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