Is the first diagram of your UML a use case diagram? (1)--the activity diagram is the beginning

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If your UML diagram is still a use case diagram, please keep looking, if you do not know the relationship between the business analysis diagram and the activity diagram, please continue to look, if your computer room is refactoring or the cooperation of the omission function (when I refactor the operator work record query to drain) Please continue to watch.

First, the misunderstanding of demand analysis

In fact, my computer room cooperation is done for a long time, in fact the code we have already knocked out, but I still insist on not to end the project, the reason is very simple, I want to through the computer room real to the soft workers have some knowledge and experience. Computer room co-operation when I made a fatal mistake, I was based on functional analysis requirements. As an example:

The machine room has an operator to work on the record of the function, I was just a hasty fantasy if it was an interview with the head of the computer room: "I need a capability to query the operator's work records." ”

In fact, this idea is flawed, first of all, the system we have previously refactored is already a "teacher on duty" feature. Second, why the operator's work record is the use of combinatorial queries.

I've been thinking about these issues for a long time, and when I re-asked for a demand analysis, I realized that the mistake I made above came from the fact that I had drawn a use case diagram. I foolishly thought, the customer said I want this this function, I directly in the use case adds the line. In fact, I do not have a demand analysis, I just follow the system I built to find a good excuse.

Ii. start with business process and activity diagram

"Which is the beginning of the picture?" "My answer is" business process and activity diagram start. "In demand analysis, we first need to understand the user's workflow and draw out their activity flow." For example, in the computer room fee system teachers in the administrator may be described as:

"At ordinary times the teacher took the day to collect the money to me, I first of all to be based on the list of teachers on duty today to see if it has been handed, and then need to do a summary check, if there is a problem, I would like to ask the teacher on duty today on duty, and then to analyze the reasons for the wrong account, Then I can open the bill for the teacher. ”

I may have a lot of loopholes in this passage (forgive me for not being perfect), but if you are careful enough to find out, "specifically ask the duty teacher on duty today" this activity is very much related to the "operator's work record", in fact, it is through this activity to the system provides "operator work record" Service.

That is to say, in front of the use case diagram we understand, there is an activity diagram to start with.

What is the relationship between the business process and the activity diagram? I'll use the diagram I'm working on to answer this question.

The diagram above is the business flowchart, the following is the activity diagram, in fact, this is just an overall business process, which includes the upper and lower business processes, but when you click on the computer business process, you will appear below my activity diagram. In other words, the business flowchart and activity diagram are grouped together.

The author thinks, the general acquisition user's demand is through the interview and so on, is takes an activity business process as the main line, the user in the Business Process Foundation detailed description different environment different demand.

———— not to be continued

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Is the first diagram of your UML a use case diagram? (1)--the activity diagram is the beginning

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