is the micro-trust hunter safe?

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is the micro-trust hunter safe? Since so many users are looking for the download method and the normal use of the present is a safe and serious micro-trust friend management tool.

  Micro-trust Hunter Computer version Landing tutorial:

Download the latest version of the micro-faith Hunter Computer version of the installation files, double-click the installation prompts to complete and double-click the operation of the Micro-trust Hunter PC version, and then together to learn the micro-mail Hunter computer version usage:

The first step: Open the software, the page will automatically jump out of two-dimensional code, open the phone micro-letter scanning two-dimensional code, into the web version of micro-letter. This type of login is relatively safe, without worrying about your micro-mail account password leak. (If you accidentally close the two-D code in the lower right corner of the page, click "Login Now" to regain)

The second step: the mobile phone scan finished, automatically jump to the following page, click on the "Login Web version of micro-letter."

Step Three: Login success, click on the page "Start Filter Friends" button to filter.

The fourth step: Screen finished, the right side of the page appears, will be to delete your friends list.

Fifth step: Click on the right side of the page "Export List" button, will jump out of an Excel form, will be able to save your friends delete the information. (If you don't want to, skip this step and proceed directly next.) )

Sixth step: Click on the lower right side of the page "Mark can delete Friends" button, will automatically do the identification for these friends, in order to return to the phone micro-letter lookup, delete.

The seventh step: After all the mark is complete, in your handset micro-letter, enters "the Address Book", is in the star standard friend below in the front those who starts with A0000_delte is already removed you the friend, this time you may delete them one by one.

Finally, we introduce two features: the "Export Friends" and "View" 2 buttons on the page, you can export all the Friends data backup in Excel form, and view the function of downloading account HD two-dimensional code.

The above is using "micro-faith hunter" to find out that you remove all the friends of the operation, simple and not cumbersome operation but has such a powerful function, we have to sigh the charm of the software.

From now on we do not need to be trembling mass message, can be lightly loose those who disregard the friendship but with the shell occupy our site all screened and marked out!

In particular, small set found that the micro-faith hunters in the search for your deleted friends, it will not immediately delete them, but to mark them out, let the user manually audit the deletion, which fully avoids the possibility of the software accidentally deleted.

Finally, special emphasis, the current micro-letter Hunter is a computer-side operation software, can not run on the mobile phone, so the trouble of the parents to move to the computer download operation it!

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