Is the new Microsoft Edge browser the fastest browser on the Windows 10 platform?

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Yesterday Microsoft Windows Insider Project members launched the version number 10240 of the latest Windows 10 preview, the most notable changes in the lower right corner of the screen no longer appear the watermark version. In addition to this version of the largest functional improvements in the Edge browser, a number of performance parameters than chrome more powerful. So, in fact, is that so? Martin Brinkmann, from Ghacks today, decided to compare the edge with other mainstream browsers in a more detailed way.

First, according to the Microsoft Official data show:

-Edge browser WebKit sunspider performance faster than Chrome 112%;

-Edge Browser's Google octane performance than chrome 11% faster;

-Edge Browser's apple Jetstream performance is 37% faster than chrome.

Test Platform:

Processor: Intel Core i5-2500k@ 3.30GHz

Memory: 8GB of DDR3 memory

Gpu:nvidia GeForce GTX 560 Ti

HDD: Pirate ship Force GT 180 GB Solid State hard Drive SATA 3

Operating system: Windows 10240

Test browser

Microsoft Edge (not available standalone, Windows)

Google Chrome Stable

Google Chrome Canary

Mozilla Firefox Stable

Mozilla Firefox Nightly

Pale Moon Stable

Opera Stable

Vivaldi Technical Preview 4

Run the test software:

Apple Jetstream (the higher the score the better)

Google Octane (the higher the score the better)

Mozilla Kraken (the lower the score the better, the unit is in milliseconds)

Peacekeeper (the higher the score the better)

Sunspider 1.0.2 JavaScript Benchmark (lower better, time in milliseconds)

WEBXPRT 2015 (the higher the score the better)

Final Result:

▲ Green for best results, red for worst results

It is true that Microsoft Edge browser has performed well in Jetstream and Sunspider test projects, defeating other competitors, but it also needs to be noted that the Peacekeeper test is the bottom of eight browsers. So the final draft Brinkmann concludes: "Microsoft does a lot of performance tuning and tuning for this Windows 10 default browser, but since edge browsers can't beat all the browsers in all the running points, it's impossible to say that the edge is windows 10 the fastest browser on the system. ”

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