Is the product's user experience magnified by us?

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The user experience has repeatedly been brought up by people from various positions. Seems not to value the user experience is not fit to do products, operations and even technology.

However, we actually care about the user experience can really be experienced by users? Especially in the face of the current situation of Chinese netizens, the content is still important in the so-called experience? The UI of the Tianya is not necessarily beautiful. Does 4399 have a cool design?

We these "internet people" pursue the minimalist, design sense, really is the user like it? Will the user accept/discard a website because of the position of a button, a few chromatic aberration?

If you are focusing on the user experience, how to "enlarge" is not too much, but if it is magnified, entangled in the form without serious effect, amplification, entangled in details and not heavy overall, it is worth it, if only the slogan amplification and no effective practical action, but will harm the user experience industry. Like what:

Symptom 1: User experience work relies only on user experience experts

Think that they have no experience in professional education or training, encounter user experience related problems stop thinking, such as user experience experts to solve. In fact, to the user experience widely praised watercress until 2008 only the first designer, and later turned into a product manager. User experience professionals because of the professional training and long-term accumulation, in thinking, expression, problem-solving approach has a unique advantage, but if so the other people in the enterprise loss of the user experience of thinking is very scary.

Prescription: User experience work is first a way of thinking, as long as the right way of thinking, you can participate in the user experience work effectively.

Symptom 2: Hoarding user experience experts, internal tangle more, external output less

It is thought that spending a lot of highly educated elites can do a good job of the user experience, and that each project will involve an interactive designer, visual designer, front-end engineer, user experience researcher, and a complete set of equipment. In fact, it was not long before Steve Jobs returned to Apple that he dissolved the Apple Academy (Don Norman, the Dean), which had hoarded so many cows, before starting the path of innovation and revival, led by Jonathan Ive. In addition, in the "hoarding" environment, the user experience talent often become a screw, but can not give full play to the ability.

Prescription: The user experience is to be creative to solve the problem, need to research and explore, more execution and driving force.

Symptom 3: User experience work must be high input

Think that must pay a large price to buy expensive equipment to build a laboratory, must obtain massive data in order to do user experience research and test design; do not do eye movement instrument experiment is embarrassed to say user experience work is scientific rigorous. In fact, Google in the creation of user experience laboratories, the use of equipment are made by themselves, very cheap, until now there are many of their own experimental equipment; many big companies have laboratories that are upscale, but don't see how good the user experience is. On the contrary, when using equipment such as eye movement, it is very important to pay attention to the problem of error interpretation data caused by experiment design, sample collection and model establishment.

Prescription: To work in the right and effective way, the user experience can be very simple.

Symptom 4: The most cow user experience is to create the needs and create different

Some people believe that Apple's user experience has created new user needs, but that demand has been there, but Apple has helped users discover the needs, guidance, and release that users themselves have not realized, turning them into unstoppable forces. Hao123, Tianya simply from the point of view of the design is not good, but with the user already accustomed to the situation, drastic changes will lead to a worse experience-to see the keyboard we are using, this intentional "poor" design, after hundreds of years has not been a better design replacement.

Prescription: Homeopathy, so that users can extend their past experience to the use of new products. Small changes can also solve big problems.

Symptom 5: Only pay attention to the product user experience, ignoring the other links in the process of the product being consumed

Internet products rely on user experience quality and word of mouth in the user, so as to achieve effective promotion effect, seemingly sweet, but not everyone can eat. Dropbox introduced an effective incentive to "develop the offline" mechanism, Tencent Weibo encouraged forwarding to increase the degree of activity but had to face the risk of community content hydration. At present, the focus of user experience work in product development, however, the whole process of consumption of the product there are many links, including operations, markets, business cooperation, customer service and so on. These links and departments should not suppress each other, which links do not affect the fate of the product.

Prescription: In the product ecosystem increasingly complex, social factors into the product today, the need for creative and comprehensive upgrading of the product throughout the consumption process of the user experience.

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