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Many people think that cloud computing is a new career and wealth opportunity, but for some it people, cloud computing will only make them feel the fear of unemployment.

Of course, IT Pros have good reason to remain optimistic. In a 90-day survey organised by wanted analytics in 2012, more than 2,400 companies said they were looking for talent with cloud computing skills. In addition, from 2011 to 2012, the company's demand for IT personnel with cloud computing knowledge increased by 61%. In the next few years, public and private consumer spending on cloud computing will multiply, leading to a sharp increase in nearly 14 million jobs worldwide, according to IDC, an analyst firm that published a report last year.

The surge in cloud computing will also be accompanied by the same increase in demand, after all, the massive migration to the cloud is still a task to be done by people. In fact, according to the technical post, the person responsible for the job reflects that at this stage, every candidate with a real talent will have about 50 to 70 companies rushing to hire.

Cloud computing has also created two types of cloud computing careers: IT professionals with specific types of cloud computing technology, and IT management positions that master cloud computing architecture know-how.

The position of a company that operates on a particular cloud service provider platform will require a specific type of cloud computing technology, such as Amazon Network Service (AWS) experience, or the development skills of Google's app engine, which typically originate from a newly established workgroup within the IT department, with a focus on ( Under the guidance of strategic objectives, the development of tactical solutions.

People with specific cloud computing technologies cover most of the cloud-computing jobs, and today the market-with AWS technology is ahead of the number of Google, Microsoft and Rackspace technicians. Figure 1 shows an increase in the number of jobs that require AWS skills, with a 2,500% growth in the six-year period. The job scope includes all aspects of configuration, development, and operation. According to the different work place, the yearly salary is between $80,000 and $180,000.

Companies with cloud-structured jobs want to find people who can plan for cloud computing-ranging from business requirements to actual cloud deployments. The new jobs of these companies are usually due to the fact that they haven't considered the cloud computing route and need to get some advice and assistance. They may be defining the way existing private and public clouds are being used, or building cloud platforms from scratch.

Cloud architecture jobs are typically published using the cloud Solution Architect or other descriptive language. Recruitment posters are looking for strategic talent: familiar with most cloud computing technologies and suppliers, and able to leverage these cloud technologies to meet corporate goals or needs.

The cloud architect position candidate should have enterprise architecture and/or service-oriented architecture experience and knowledge of proper use of cloud computing technology. According to the duty station, the annual salary range is increased from $100,000 to $200,000.

What conditions do you need to get the latest and hottest cloud jobs

The growth associated with cloud computing jobs has been accompanied by a boom in various cloud certification schemes. Large cloud computing technology providers and suppliers, such as IBM and Microsoft, as well as independent training institutes like Cloud School and Learning tree, often offer these certification courses. The most valuable cloud certification programs include:

• IBM Certified Solutions Consultant-Cloud computing architecture

• IBM Certified Solution Architect-Cloud computing infrastructure

Microsoft Learning

Google Apps certified deployment Specialist

VMware Certification expert (VCP)

Certified Cloud Professional (CCP)

As you would expect, technology vendors tend to focus on their own products. However, they do provide the basics around the cloud computing architecture. If you have experienced this type of training and are in dire need of the paper to prove your ability, then you have to have these cloud certification programs.

Most IT professionals working on cloud computing jobs are either accumulating experience at work or self-taught. With the popularity of such courses, certification has become the demand of employers, relying on job accumulation and self-study has been difficult to keep pace with development.

It is easy for cloud administrators to find the type of authentication that suits their professional characteristics, but those who wish to acquire a skill certification such as cloud architecture may be disappointed. Most cloud computing courses are usually very rudimentary-the difference between training Iaas,saas and PAAs-without the underlying details, such as the various methods of building a multi-tenant architecture, authentication based security, and application programming interface design.

While most architects in the cloud computing world often learn the skills they need, the situation is bound to change as the certification program will become more comprehensive in the years ahead.

Investing in cloud computing skills and knowledge seems to be a good choice at the moment-a sensible career choice. While many IT administrators will seek technology and knowledge for cloud computing through training and certification programs, the reality is that cloud computing is growing so fast that these training courses tend to become obsolete.

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