Isaca pioneered the combination of skill network security training with hands-on testing and certification

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Illinois State Rolin Medos--(American business information)--InternationalInformationThe Audit Association (ISACA) today announced the launch of a newInternetSecurity certification portfolio, combining skills training with hands-on exams and certifications for the first time. These seven new cybersecurity Nexus (CSX) certifications help professionals plan and develop their careers in changing areas while helping employers make up for skills gaps. Global knowledge, the leading provider of it and business skills training, is ISACA's first training facility to offer the CSX course portfolio, which will be open in the third quarter of 2015.
International Information Systems Audit Association and the United States A joint study by the Information Security Conference (RSA Conference), "The status of cybersecurity: 2015 Years of impact" shows that 82% of organizations are expected to be hit by cyber attacks in 2015, while 35% of organizations cannot fill vacant cyber-security positions. Less than half of organizations believe that their existing security teams have the ability to detect complex events and respond to them. In addition, according to the 2014 annual security report released by Cisco, there are still 1 million network security jobs around the world. This gap between supply and demand is intensifying the emergence of a wide range of computer vulnerabilities, and cyber attacks are the largest CSX is the expertise, tools, guidance, and training resources for every stage of a professional career, and ISACA is helping to build a global network security personnel Training Network to combat advanced cyber threats while providing organizations with confidence to identify and hire employees with the right skills. The
CSX training and certification is currently available for skilled personnel and for those who are engaged in the profession throughout their career. Previously, ISACA has been providing certified Information Security Manager (cism) title certification for CSX Practitioner (CSX practitioner)-the ability to act as a person who responds to network security incidents first time according to established procedures and defined processes. (1-door certification, 3 training courses, and the prerequisites for the CSX Commissioner certification). The
CSX Commissioner (CSX specialist) demonstrates effective skills and deep knowledge in one or more of the five areas (identification, detection, protection, response, and recovery) that are closely related to the NIST cybersecurity framework. (5-door certification, 5 training courses, with CSX practitioner qualification)
CSX expert (CSX expert)-demonstrates the capabilities of a master/expert network security Professional to identify, analyze, respond to, and resolve complex network security events. (1-door certification, 1 training courses; no prerequisites)
These new certifications conform to globally recognized standards and frameworks, including the NIST framework for improving the critical infrastructure network security, the NIST SP 800-53 4th edition, the ISO 27000 and COBIT 5 frameworks.

ISACA International president and Crisc, vice president of strategy and innovation at CA Technologies, director of corporate Information Technology Governance Certification (CGEIT), risk and information systems monitoring certification, said: " Isaca is aware of the need to provide a differentiated network security training and certification approach, as global businesses need more effective ways to discover and hire skilled professionals. In today's threatening environment, technicians who rely on unskilled training and certification are like those who rely on a military strategy guide but have never been involved in combat. ”
CSX training and certification was presented two years ago by the global chief Information security officer and other cybersecurity experts, and has been rigorously peer-reviewed by more than 100 experts. These innovative curriculum implementation and testing projects are the crystallization of ISACA's network security team with Telecommunication Systems, Inc. (TCS) (Nasdaq:tsys), Art of exploitation® (aoe™) working together. TCS is a global leader in network security training and enterprise solutions.
Innovative Virtual Network Labs (Cyber Lab)
The real-World Adaptive Network Lab environment is a key feature of CSX's training and skills certification. The skills and abilities of professionals are measured in virtual environments with real-world cyber security scenarios.
A learning-based development tool that evaluates the ability of professionals to perform network security tasks is developed by the TCS AOE team to help trainers provide exemplary guidance to professionals based on the problem-solving approach of the performanscore®. Aware of the many ways in which you can respond to cyber security threats, Performanscore has a unique ability to assess the actual operational skills of a variety of possible complete solution portfolios. The tool contrasts the behavior of professionals with the scoring criteria and then instantly refers to adaptive scoring rules, allowing the instructor to provide specific feedback and to enable professionals to better learn and understand more effective cyber security technologies. ISACA is the first organization to offer Performanscore.
An international information Systems auditor ("The new CSX certification will provide a benchmark to help build a better future for cybersecurity recruitment and career development," said Eddie Schwartz, chairman of the ISACA Network Security Working Group (CISM) certified, registered Information Security Manager (CISA) and chief operating officer, Whiteops. Keeping your cyber-security skills up to date is a dynamic goal, and the CSX certification will evolve as the industry evolves and the attackers that confront it, helping to ensure that our team has the most valuable and up-to-date skills, and that the organization knows if a job seeker has the skills to deal with cyber security events on the first day of work. ”
Certification open and follow-up education
The CSX practitioner Certification training will be available in June 2015 and the test time is scheduled for July. Training and examinations for the CSX specialist series and the CSX expert certification are scheduled for the second half of 2015. In addition to requiring participation in professional knowledge-based learning, follow-up education (CPE) also requires the holder to re-present a skill in a laboratory or other skill-based environment each year. The licensee is required to take a re-examination every three years on the highest level of certification it obtains.

Isaca pioneered the combination of skill network security training with hands-on testing and certification

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