ISEE processing beautiful photos into literary young women

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isee deal with beautiful photos into literary young women. the fire and fire have recently fascinated the literary girl. In her magazine, Lao Xu made a survey of literary and artistic women. I did a bit, HOHO, very consistent with the literary girl. Play with ISEE, put yourself p into a literary woman. If you think the effect is OK, leave your paw prints. Hands-on keywords: fine sharpening, one key black and white, reverse negative Chong.

Effect Chart:

1.isee Open the material map. (The process is very white, omit the diagram)

2. Right sidebar fine sharpening (basic adjustment-sharpening/blur/noise) fine sharpening.

The sharpening intensity of fire-fire selection--72

3. Left sidebar one key-black-and-white photos

4. Repeat the 2nd step. Sharpen the intensity of--72

5. Click Digital later--photo processing--Reverse negative flush

The effect is coming out. It's very literary.

Then the last effect tutu.

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