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One, to solve the Ubuntu VI command in the editing mode can not use the arrow keys and the BACKSPACE key problem

In Ubuntu, into the VI command of the editing mode, found that by the arrow keys can not move the cursor, but will output ABCD, as well as the backspace bar can not delete the characters normally. This is because Ubuntu is preloaded with Vim-tiny, and we need to use Vim-full, the workaround is simple and requires only the following two steps:

Step one, enter the following command to uninstall Vim-tiny:

sudo apt-get remove vim-common
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Step two, enter the following command to install the Vim-full:

sudo apt-get install vim
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You can now use the arrow keys and BACKSPACE key in the edit mode of the VI command.

Second, to solve the Ubuntu keyboard garbled situation generally appears in the notebook computer

Online search, found that the keyboard layout is not correct, Raspberry Pi (Raspberry Pi) is a British product, the default keyboard layout is the United Kingdom (GB), we use the keyboard layout is generally the United States (US)

To change the keyboard layout, the command is as follows:

sudo dpkg-reconfigure keyboard-configuration

After entering, choose the Universal 101 key PC keyboard mobile network

Press the TAB key to OK, and press ENTER to confirm

In the keyboard layout selection, choose other mobile network

Press the TAB key to OK, and press ENTER to confirm

Computer network

Then in the options, select Chinese (US)

Mobile network

Press the TAB key to OK, and press ENTER to confirm

Re-choose Chinese (US, alternative International) Learning Network

Computer network

Press the TAB key to OK, press ENTER to determine the learning net WWWD in. Yuu m

Note: If you fail to restart, modify the system default layout
Mobile network

Then press OK

Mobile network

After exiting, reboot the system

sudo reboot

When you restart, you will be slower to read the keyboard layout than usual due to the modified keyboard layout

OK, finally, all the characters can be typed.

This, Linux is still not very convenient, Windows more humane some

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Due to the main idea, when the original installation of Ubuntu chose the keyboard layout for the United Kingdom keyboard layout, hit the code ' # ' into a similar ' f ' symbol, ' | ' Hit the ' ~ ', very annoying, want to directly use the graphical interface to change, found that after the change will sometimes somehow automatically change back to the English keyboard. The final decision is to modify the default settings. On the internet to find a bit, some people say with ' sudo dpkg-reconfigure console-setup ', tried, can only be used to change the terminal character set, keyboard layout can not be changed with this command.

Method 1:

Perhaps the previous version of Ubuntu can be changed with this command, now the keyboard layout is independently set separately, so I tried a bit, found the correct command should be: "sudo dpkg-reconfigure keyboard-configuration", this is right, With this command, a very user-friendly pseudo-graphical interface will appear for us to set up.

Method 2:

In addition, if you feel that it is not enough "refreshing", the students who want to directly modify the configuration file can use this method:

sudo vim/etc/default/keyboard changes the value of the inside xkblayout variable to "us" and then the terminal (text terminal, not the virtual terminal, which is CTRL+ALT+F2 or F3 or F4 ...). ) Run command: Setupcon.

Finally, in order for it to take effect immediately, type, sudo udevadm trigger--subsystem-match=input--action=change (sudo should be available or not), or restart the computer.

Issues related to Ubuntu

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