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Collection of typical forums [it is easy to go to work]


It is easy to go to work (1 ):

The day of work is actually a short time. One day has passed since the computer was switched off. Why ~? When the computer is switched off again, it means it has worked overtime all night. Why ~? What is the most painful thing on the day of work, you know? That is, "It's time to get off work. It's not finished yet !"
What is the most painful thing on the day of work, you know? That is, "I have not finished my work yet. I have finished my work. When I got off work, I came to live again"


It is easy to go to work (2 ):

In fact, a spring festival may be short.
It is the same as a gun.
A fireworks passed by hang ~
Once bright, a building passes through hang ~

We can't be too honest with CCTV. We have never been able to hide from the first day.


It is easy to go to work (3 ):
Labor Bureau: "Do you want to work overtime ?"
Employee: "Yes, work overtime ."
Labor Bureau: "Are there meal supplements ?"
Employee: "No !"
Labor Bureau: "Is there a way to supplement it ?"
Employee: "No !"
Labor Bureau: "Is there any overtime ?"
Employee: "No !"
Boss: "This can be !"
Employee: "No !"


It is easy to go to work (4 ):
Female: Have you ever fallen in love with others besides me?
Male: None
Female: Do I have to flirt with other women?
Male: yes or no
Female: Are you aware of this?
Male: Oh, no.
Female: Today is Valentine's Day. Are you going to give me a gift?
Male: None
Female: this can have
Male: no such thing ......







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