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There is no solution to meet the informatization requirements of catering enterprises. Different catering business formats have different business processes. informatization solutions for different business types are urgently needed in the informatization construction of catering enterprises, this all-in-one overall solution will be the focus of the informatization construction of catering enterprises in the future. According to the recently released 8.04% top 9.42% catering companies report, the average profit margin of top catering companies last year was, lower than in, and the profit level declined significantly. 1 ~ this year ~ In May, the turnover of catering enterprises declined month by month. In addition to the SARS in 2003, it set the lowest value since the new century. The profit decline in the catering industry is clearly related to rising costs. The report said that the operating costs of top 22.02% catering enterprises increased by in compared with that in, in particular, the raw material cost rose by more than 30% year on year, and the operating cost accounted for 48.17% of the operating income. In terms of business expenses, employees' wages have risen the most, reaching 46.70%, and rising rents and water and electricity costs. As competition in the big environment intensifies, the development of catering enterprises is also difficult. How to deepen internal strength is a challenge facing enterprises. Some catering enterprises have begun to transform from traditional "extensive, fuzzy, and experience-based operations" to "refined, streamlined, and chain-based large-scale operations.

The informatization construction of domestic Catering Chain Enterprises is mainly reflected in the following aspects:

1. Poor informatization Foundation: Unlike the manufacturing industry, most of domestic Catering Chain stores are developed from individual single stores. The informatization foundation is weak, the overall computer application level of enterprise employees is low, and the informatization awareness is not strong, it is necessary to train employees on computer and information-related knowledge to increase costs.

2. Weak awareness of Informatization: due to the low level of informatization in the entire industry, the lack of leading cases in the industry by leading the informatization of individual enterprises makes the management of many enterprises insufficient understanding of informatization, I think that the investment in informatization construction is large and small, and I am not willing to invest money.

3. Low Information Integration: scientific planning and implementation are lacking in information construction of Catering Chain Enterprises. Most of the established information systems are single-function systems suitable for specific departments. Because each system is constructed and implemented in isolated ways, it is in an "information isolated island" state, and the degree of interconnectivity between systems is low.

4. unstable business models: in view of the explosive growth of domestic food and beverage Chain Enterprises, the strategic planning of enterprises is vague and there are changes or intersections in operation models, such as the coexistence of direct stores and franchised stores, it makes it difficult for enterprises to implement information planning.

Analysis of the Reasons for the overall low informatization level of the domestic catering industry, Wei, a hundred-year strategy management consulting, believes that the main reasons are as follows:
The informatization consciousness is relatively weak, so it is not as important as other manufacturing or commercial enterprises, resulting in less investment.
The implementation of the project is not ideal. The "information islands" phenomenon is serious, the information system and business process are "out of touch", and the Information Sharing Level of each department is poor. That is, the overall planning is not correct and scientific.
Informatization is highly professional and difficult. The informatization construction of the catering industry is very different from that of other industries. Therefore, you need to have an in-depth understanding of the business process. Without the business experience of the Catering Chain Enterprises, it is difficult to get familiar with their business knowledge in a short time, especially the business model of Chinese food chain enterprises in China. Therefore, the requirement for practitioners is relatively high, which increases the difficulty of successful informatization construction.

Multi-brand and multi-Business Management of restaurant chains

    • Independent Accounting of various brands is difficult

Each brand is independently calculated, but its business is intertwined. Each brand, store, and department is responsible for handling and settlement, revenue, cost, profit, and Performance Accounting all put a huge burden on finance. At the same time, financial data often does not match because of different data collection methods. Due to accounting problems, it is troublesome for business decision makers, especially for cost and profit analysis. data cannot be obtained in real time. It usually takes one month to know the business status, this business decision maker has brought a lot of trouble.

    • General difficulties for brand members

Different brands have different points and promotion methods, as well as different top-up gifts, as well as the invoice quota and invoice cost sharing have become a common obstacle for brand members. The brands of card issuers, card devices, and card types of members are different. It is difficult to protect the original investment but use the brand. Similarly, the unified settlement of members among brands is hard to solve. These problems make it difficult to realize the general market value of members.

    • Difficulty in unified Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain materials vary by brand, and the delivery process and price vary. At the same time, the supply chain of the processing plant has more manufacturing industry characteristics, while the supply chain of the catering industry has more supply chain characteristics of the service industry. How to effectively consolidate supply chains with multiple business forms and industries brings great trouble in management.

    • Difficulty in unified catering management and operation

Because the brand business models are different, the Headquarters needs to manage some public content and place some content to the brand Center for unified processing, and some content needs to be stored in the store management. Currently, they are scattered, making it difficult for unified management and control.

The management difficulties of multi-brand chain organizations are as follows:
1. Standardized System definition
2. Application authority control
3. unified logistics allocation
4. unified management of capital flows
5. global application of customer stream
6. Full integration of Information Flow
7. Real-time management of business conditions
8. Business Manager Decision Support
9. Real-time arrival of business instructions
10. Operating instruction execution
11. Effective application of marketing strategies

System objectives:


Function View:

Customer Value:

Catering subsystem:

Server Configuration:

Network Configuration:


Configure reference value

Between servers

Gigabit Ethernet (Gigabit Ethernet)

Between the client and the Application Server

Valid client bandwidth: 512 kbps

Server egress bandwidth: (number of concurrent clients/5) × 512 kbps

Network latency: <100 ms

Packet Loss Rate: <1%


Catering informatization construction itself does not need to consider the products operated by enterprises, but focuses more on business processes. The difficulty caused by such multi-business operations is still in the standardization of chain expansion and product standardization. The construction of the Central Kitchen has been recognized as a powerful measure for the management and control of restaurant chains, the complexity of the products of multiple business enterprises makes the operation of the Central Kitchen difficult. The competition of enterprises in the current era is no longer the age of big fish and small fish, but the era of Fast fish and slow fish. blindly seeking for big fish will only increase the burden of development for enterprises, so that they can run faster with light installation. Enterprises often come into contact with catering enterprises that are blocked in the development process and find out that we hope to import information technology to help enterprises get out of the predicament, in the face of an enterprise with a bloated organizational structure and complicated internal management, the rush to launch informatization will only increase its operational burden! Before the informatization construction of catering enterprises, it is an indispensable step to make comprehensive and systematic diagnosis and standardized adjustment of the current situation of social media: marketing new battlefields of catering enterprises. At the right time, appropriate products, and effective project implementation teams are the prerequisite for successful launch of information projects.

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It information solution for restaurant chains

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