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In, I trained a Chinese company in a multinational company on the interviewer's skills. I was asked: "Is there any question I can ask and I don't need to ask anything else ?" I replied, "Yes. That is the question 'introduce yourself briefly ." Suddenly, the audience shouted, as if they were able to hear a humane cut! In this case, do you dare to accept our money for training ?". I will continue to say: "the so-called non-famous mountains do not leave any immortals. It is a common practice of the real Buddha. Very simple problems often reflect the core. The best interviewer and ordinary interviewer may ask the same question, but the former can get more answers from the answer, so as to accurately judge the candidate ......" McKinsey tools also reflect the same truth.

All of them talked about the concept and application of the "Team Focus" tool, without profound theories or obscure translations. At first glance, it seems that there are not many things in the common sense. After deep understanding of the content, we will find that such a "real Buddha" has some real things in it.

Talk (talk communication, evaluate evaluation, assist assistance, motivate incentive) Focus (frame definition, organize collect organization, understand interpretation, synthesize extraction) 9 words constitute this model, it covers all aspects of the consulting process, content, and result export. The book is not about theory (the domestic author's book is prone to this kind of tendency), but to share it with the author's actual experience and cases, the case is not complicated. It just shows the possible phenomena and problems in the use of the model. I have written and published more than 0.6 million words. The more I find out, the more difficult it is to writeSimple but not simple, can illustrate the real problem, to provide readers with value. Less than 1/100 of authors can achieve the above three points, which is too difficult.

This book can also be used as a quick query dictionary to solve the problem. This is also suitable for Chinese people. When a problem occurs, go to the directory and find the corresponding chapter to read thousands of words to find a solution, of course, the premise is to simply read this book.

My personal opinion is: if a book is worth reading more than 25% of the content, it will be a good book, this is already an extremely high standard in the Age of bad books-McKinsey tools not only meet but also surpass this standard.

Finally, let's talk about some of the problems in the translator's preface. To make a rhyme (the previous books were compared to the ones for heart washing, brainwashing, and hand washing), the translator compared the book to "foot washing ", but as I know, foot washing usually means that you have to wash your feet and sleep, and you have to do nothing-washing your hands before meals and before going to bed is a concept, for the above reasons, it is inappropriate to compare the book to "wash your feet". It is a new example of sacrificing content in the form.

I hope the translator's preface will not delay a good book.

Leo Zhang dazhi


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