It is a headache to find a house if you want to move the house.

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I just switched to the Internet for one night and didn't find a suitable house. Either the house price is too expensive or the location is not good, the word "annoying ". I don't know when it will take up most of my life to get bored. I am not satisfied with anything, and I am not satisfied with myself. When I miss my childhood, I don't need to worry about everything, so every day's thinking will stay in play. Now, I want to think about everything in my mind, about the country, and about my work, I want to get married and buy a house, I want to buy a car, I also want to keep media news, sports, travel, and my little hobby photography and archaeology on the Internet every day; maybe I am a person who lives in history and cannot extricate myself. I think about the ancient Chinese civilization in random every day. But how much makes sense to myself if I think so much ?? Although other people's ways of life and their ways of life vary widely, they are always envious of others. Sometimes I ask myself where I come from, whether it's from this planet. Change the way we live, or change the way we think, everything will be fine, and our country will be fine in the future, so there will be no so-called angry youth. Maybe one day... Forget it. If you live in this way, you will always stay in this strange circle of thinking. Why? Why do you want to fuck so much. Put it down a lot, maybe it will be easy. To gradually control your own ideas and discard some of your habits, life may become another one.

Let's just set up a living habit here today.
1. I can watch the news online for no more than an hour every day, because it is too time and effort to feed this habit.
2. Stick to your own ideas and make effective actions. (InspirationalIlluminating life and changing life)
3. Exercise or outing regularly to release your interest and exercise. It mainly changes your mood.
4. Set up a plan for yourself every day to define your own direction.
5. Keep learning, and knowledge is the cost.
6. Insist on a good meal every day and try to reach 130 before returning to Pingyao's hometown this year. Haha!
7. I can't even understand how to do things reasonably and think rationally.
8. The boss is not small. Just do the first seven items! :)!!



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