IT staff should watch diet and health care sayings

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1. Eat less, taste more, and eat worse.

2. Greedy, sleepy, and ill-aged

3. The food is always full and the stomach is good.

4. Drinking to hurt your stomach

5. It is better to store it in a pot to avoid full bloat.

6. One meal hurts ten drinks

7. extend the life cycle of a person who eats less food and eats more meals

8. Long Life is expected to enjoy a meal at night

9. Although the day is hot, it cannot be cool.

10. hunger and thirst

11. Don't eat green food for three days.

12. Never get tired

13. Slim and healthy soup before meals

14. I 'd rather eat meat than beans

15. Add some meat to a handful of vegetables, beans, and eggs.

16. Eat more than chew

17. choose not to eat a basket of apricots

18. sweet words capture the sweet tooth

19. Health and vegetables are safe in the world

20. Garlic is always good

21. Eat three slices of ginger better than ginseng soup

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