It takes at least 100 bucks to catch an active user.

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Chen Yizhou: At present in China, to seize an active network users, is at least once a week on your site, the kind of cost at least 100 yuan, estimated more than.

Chen Yizhou, chairman of the Thousand Oak group, which has bought 7 community websites, also ignited many years ago Chinaren passion, he spent 1 million yuan to buy 250,000 "chicken legs", the purpose is to "5Q" campus network to attract popularity. As a legendary entrepreneur, Chen's ambition and boldness are never surprising, but he admits The domestic Internet's "burning money" scale is climbing.

Buy 1 million dollars of "chicken legs" to attract users

Reporter: After the establishment of your campus website, the most famous is "Chicken leg action", buy "chicken leg" cost you how much money?

Chen Yizhou: 1 million yuan, now "chicken leg" cost rose, to 3-4 yuan A, we from the original Chinaren team in the Nationwide Shop school, how there are 250,000.

Journalist: What's the effect?

Chen Yizhou: The effect is very good, among the initial users, at least more than 100,000 of the user is "chicken leg" brought, of course, in the south of the university, "Chicken leg" attraction than the north, we replaced the "ice cream."

Reporter: The small favor in exchange for the amount of users, this is "burn money" mode it?

Chen Yizhou: This money can not save, must spend, why do you think you have so many websites? Although spending more, but as long as the last will not be "burning money", because the next user is free. As long as you eat a school 1/4 of the people, the remaining 3/4 will be followed by themselves. Of course, Finally, to see whether the site can keep people, or someone else to send "goose leg", the user has not run.

Reporter: "Chicken leg action" after what to do? Do you want to spend a lot of money?

Chen Yizhou: At present in China, to seize an active network users, is at least one time a week on your site, the cost of at least 100 yuan, estimated more than. Next, I will do a tour of the university to maintain visibility, by the way also recruit some people.

College students are the most valuable users

Reporter: Why do the campus website again?

Chen Yizhou: The key is that I have feelings, have experience, I know what students need. Shi Yuzhu makes the brain platinum why success, because he lived in the countryside for a long time, know what farmers like. The truth is the same.

Reporter: The user is the student who does not work, is worth to invest money?

Chen Yizhou: Of course it's valuable. 1999 years, the Internet advertising market so small, I still willing to do Chinaren, now everyone knows that college students valuable, they will soon become the main consumer of society. I also want to open a car with company logo to the railway station to meet new students, the result of a question, Dynamic zone and Unicom new space has long been chartered.

Journalist: Is there a complete acquisition design in advance?

Chen Yizhou: In fact, there is no overall design, but a high price to buy seeds. Now I'm buying the community everywhere, and the people who want to sell it are looking for me. But I have to find the kind of big growth potential, I have time to wait for them to grow up, as long as they really grow

With "10 kinds of small magazine" to rival Sina

Journalist: Compared to the first Internet startup, you're not much like an entrepreneur, but more like an investor?

Chen Yizhou: Capital is also a tool of production. I did not give up doing business and simply play capital, but now the market is fierce competition, I need to bring some more tools. I've spent tens of millions of of dollars buying all the communities now, but at the beginning of the year it's been a lot more than 48 million dollars.

Reporter: Thousand oak group under the name of so many communities, including this campus website how to make money?

Chen Yizhou: If Sina is a big newspaper, I like to have 10 kinds of small magazines, small, but large. At present, I have not found a charge to the user services, mainly rely on advertising.

Reporter: Do you have a goal?

Chen Yizhou: The seventh and eighth place of advertising revenue of Chinese Internet companies this year. Don't underestimate this goal, the front can be listed companies.

Interviewer: So when will your thousand oak group be ready to go public?

Chen Yizhou: Because not listed, so dare to try around, I would like to be a late listing, next year more appropriate.

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