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We all know that the video site itself is very large traffic, and its own weight is very high, the domestic more well-known video site is Youku, potatoes, cool six, Sina podcast and so on a few. Then these high flow high weight platform can be used to do outside the chain? The answer is yes. Through the video site to do outside the chain not only can guarantee the quality, but also can improve the site visibility and site exposure. Now share how to do outside the chain through the video site.

First, collect the necessary video material

The use of video sites to increase the chain of the first step of course is to collect all kinds of material needs. For how to collect material, I suggest looking for different video sites, such as you have to do through the Youku chain, then find the material place of course can not be Youku, but other video sites, such as potatoes, cool six, popcorn and so on. Looking for material, you can search in Youku has this video, after all, the first upload through the audit rate is relatively high. The use of other video sites to do the chain is also the same operation method, here I remind again, do not want to do outside the chain of the video site to find material, so very easy to be sealed. For reasons you know, repetitive content is not a site that you could tolerate.

Second, modify the title add URL and site name

This is the focus, the use of video sites to do outside the chain, the most important step is the title, after all, video site can not hyperlink can not jump, and so on, are pure text, and to obtain the maximum exposure rate, the nature of the title mo. How do you change the title? Of course, you can also put your own website name on the title, which makes it easier for users watching this video to remember your site. But now the video site for the title of the site will be deleted, leave the first half of the chain, this will make the chain can not play an effect, then, we will be able to use the unique site name, by leaving the site name, the same can play a role in enhancing the visibility of the site. And it's not so easy to be blocked out by all the video because it's considered an ad. So, the title is the most important step to be able to make out the chain.

Third, the use of video Information description column

In order to ensure that the title of the URL is deleted and lost the chain, we can also use video information and keyword tags to add duplicate URL and site name, through this can ensure that the video title of the URL is deleted and make the loss of the chain. If the title left a Web site, and the video message appears again, this will make it easier for users to deepen the memory of the site. Do not underestimate the video information description bar, according to the author survey, most users watching video, like video information. So, what's the use of video information depends on how you use it. If you still do not understand, pay more attention to this information, I believe, as long as the intention, can be done outside the chain. Come on.

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