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January 21 ~ February 19 dominated planet: Uranus attribute: Wind phase Constellation

The characteristics of a person born in winter with a birthdate star or sun in Aquarius:

After a person with an absolute Consciousness in his seat, he is a person with a new and strange thought in his mind. You often push forward things without considering specific aspects. You are a rich developer
Extension spirit. Aquarius is a pioneer in thinking ability over instinct. You are not interested in yesterday but tomorrow. You do not want to ride a bicycle. You are infatuated with straw
It is a beautiful melody, and does not like to listen to the music of Mozart. There is a lack of practical ideas. When you immerse yourself in a certain idea, you will get rid of yourself. People compete with you because of your innovative spirit and pioneering ideas.
The positive ways, idealism, extensiveness, and birth of things have a high moral character. However, if you lack a realistic attitude, enthusiasm, and are born to never live in peace and have countless hearts in everything, this will eventually make people feel bored.

Aquarius is a person with a strong personality. You yearn for a good affection between people, but you are never willing to be bound by any feelings. You like to enrich your own ideological realm and enjoy traveling.
Broaden your horizons and enjoy understanding your thoughts and opinions in interactions with people. Aquarius people cannot accept any constraints, and you will never force yourself to obey any discipline. If something interests you,
You can make great efforts for it. A monotonous and tasteless life will upset you, and even lead to abnormal psychology that will make people around you unable to endure. you sometimes have a whimsical and humorous experience, sometimes cool,
This is often difficult to get along. You cannot live in a lie. If you are too straightforward and Frank, you will be considered a weirdo. In fact, people do not really understand you.

Aquarius people are good at reorganizing the spiritual and material life of everyone. But in fact, you do not have material talents, because you lack the necessary means. The people you interact with and the friendship you meet are in your destiny.
It will play an important role. Your life is inseparable from friends. In general, in difficult times, you will always get help from friends and family, and even those you are not familiar with, and you are always ready to help and support those in troubles.
Sometimes people who suffer are desperate for themselves. If you trust people by mistake, it may cause material losses. In fact, if you really have money problems, you are not tempted, poor or rich.
It doesn't matter. You can adapt to a simple life without knowing how to shake your mind for wealth. Aquarius people are pioneers of new ideas. If you are given full freedom of action
Think and decide, then you will be able to demonstrate excellent job talent. You are an innovator with endless thoughts and sudden intuition, so that you can feel the future. Many science fiction writers, inventors, you are born
These images are strongly influenced by Aquarius or Uranus. This individual is interested in discovery, exploration, and all pioneering things as well as aviation and rocket. You may also be creative in photography and film art.

Male in Aquarius

The male life in Aquarius is extremely complicated and hard to understand. The appearance you give is simple and straightforward, but the internal psychology is always in the realm of paradox and contradiction. Generally, you are enthusiastic about people and willing to help others. However, in some special circumstances, you may also be indifferent and unfriendly.

You have both personality and charm. This is a person who can make your love look ripple. You do not want to follow the rules and regulations, and you cannot accept any constraints.

In fact, what you like more is that friendship is not love, because love will impede your metaphysical meditation: Who am I? Where do I come from? Where can I go? However, you may also enter the arms of love or idealize everything.

Due to the influence of Saturn, the male character in Aquarius is indifferent and unsociable, and his mind is philosophical. If Uranus is highly influential, it will make this male very humorous, fond of interacting with others, and be curious about all new things.

When men in Aquarius are about 40 years old, they often encounter inevitable and doomed turning points. You will change your life, abandon the past, and enter a new future.

And the female born in Leo will be in love with us. You all have the desire to become a strong person, who is equally talented.

A Gemini female is a harmonious partner with you. She will inspire you in spirit and career.

Elegant and charming Libra women can give you the power of artistic creation.

Women in Aquarius

Strong curiosity, often combining strong aspirations with the spirit of independence. She is an anti-Customs and unwilling to join in. She speaks and acts based on her own interests.

She hopes that everything can be freely chosen and acted by herself. However, her response is unpredictable, and sometimes it may even make people doubt her rational level, especially in the case of love. Her emotions and her imagination
Closely related, she not only likes people in reality, but also those who come out of her illusion. In fact, her heart is often stuck in love, especially when Venus or the moon is in her birthdate.

She is easy to go to extremes. She may have the purest heart, the most ideal love, or become completely indifferent and heartless. Do not disappoint her; otherwise, she will be irretrievably lost. However, once she discovers her own love, she will dedicate all her wisdom, all her sincerity, and everything she has to those she loves without reservation.

Her love life is romantic and more free than the traditional program. She hopes to develop lasting love relationships on the basis of friendship.

For her, independence is much more precious than the satisfaction of pure love life. Therefore, women in Aquarius must respect this character of their wives. In this way, your love will develop healthily.

Male in LEO will have a crush on you, and you have a common desire and pursuit for your career.

The curiosity and sincere friendship of Gemini men will impress you. You will live in harmony with your interests.

The inspiration and yearning for beauty of libra men will arouse the love of Aquarius women.

Children in Aquarius

All new things will come to the eyes of the children in Aquarius, which may be a small inventor. You like people to show you, tell you, and let you know the truth. You will soon be able to interact with the public
Different opinions and opinions. The children in Aquarius may be very smart and may not be interested in what they have learned. This mainly depends on the subject content or your emotions. This is a self-willed child. You may be confused.
Reaching the peak. Sometimes you get an incomprehensible sense of satisfaction.

The children of Aquarius have a strong spirit of independence. They always like to find what they need in the ideological realm, rather than worrying about material interests. In terms of creation and innovation, many profitable things are waiting for you, but you never welcome, but only do what you like.

Your ideal path is in the space and aviation field, electronics, information, electricity, photography, movies, mysteries or philosophy, companies, and occupations related to uranium or radium.

The basic character of a person born within 10 ° different from that in Aquarius:

Date of birth: January 21 ~ January 31

Character characteristics: this is a strong and eccentric person. Knowledgeable, creative, and independent. Being generous, emotionally fragile, and rude is full of good desires, but the real benefit lies in your material or spiritual aspects.

Source of motivation: Creativity

Date of birth: February 1 ~ February 9

Character characteristics: the ability to focus almost all on intellectual or spiritual life. Open vision, active thinking, a keen intuition, and a sense of humor. Easy to get along with, but always be cautious, giving you a kind of wandering in a foreign country
Sense. You are deeply interested in all pioneering undertakings, inventions and creations, cutting-edge science, reform and innovation, and mysteries. People around you may have a great impact on your life and career.

Power Source: Intelligence

Date of birth: February 10 ~ February 19

Character characteristics: a keen intuition, a mind that is good at thinking gives you the initiative spirit. True intellectual talent and artistic inspiration will be manifested in your career, but it will also lead to your utopia. This person born at 10 ° is often unable to adapt to the regular patterns of daily life. Love or marriage will profoundly affect your fate and future. There is a tendency to be independent or independent.

Power Source: foresight

Well-known people born in Aquarius: Mozart, Reagan, Verne (French writer, modern sci-fi man-exclusive), Lincoln (16th US President), Edison (American inventor) diol (French fashion designer) and Dean (American film actor ).

All in all, you in Aquarius:

Those with unique insights in Aquarius say, "I want to know ".

Expression of love: Focus on friendship.

It is a responsive person.

Desire: creative friendship.

Cheated: because of the rich compassion.

Like: go to a strange place.

Fear: lose freedom.

Inquiry: the internal connection between people and things.

Weakness: The character is full of contradictions.

Favorable Condition: innovative spirit.

Disadvantage: careless.

Holiday life: do not like holidays, or study new ways of recreation.

Expenses: gifts to friends and family.

Mascot: qinluo.

Lucky metal: platinum or lei.

Auspicious GEM: amethyst.

Auspicious day: Saturday.


Auspicious figures: 4, 13, 22, and 31.

Favorite places: photo studios, photo studios, cinemas, radio stations, skyscrapers, tower buildings, Radio farms, conference rooms, fast restaurants, and learning places.

Auspicious plants: Fern, mimosa, xilinsia, exotic plants.

Living conditions: modern buildings, personal items do not need more, but there must be a variety of novelty and small appliances to facilitate life, open vision outside the window.

Ideal country of residence: Saudi Arabia, New Zealand, the Soviet Union, Chile, and Ethiopia.

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