It's not easy to develop. It takes a day to change the computer to configure the environment...

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Recently, the leader kaien asked me to change my new machine from HP 6535 to Sony e37ec.

The original host has a Windows 7 64-bit operating system, which is inconvenient and requires a 32-bit OS. Okay, let's get started ~~~

I first went to Windows 7 32-bit ISO from ftp. Why not buy it in the village? The village is all 64-bit. If you ask js32-bit, JS indicates that there is no concept. FTP is a little faster. It takes 2 m/s. It takes 30 minutes to add the Time of the dial!

Windows 7 installation time: 20 minutes! The installation process is a pleasure for me who have come from WIN98 + RedHat.

Driver Installation: 2 hours! No error. I installed the driver for 2 hours. I went to the official website to download the driver. I still don't understand why the laptop Manufacturer didn't pack all the drivers for one-time download. I can only download them one by one, many people say that Sony's built-in software is very spam. I also don't like the software written by Sony such as Vaio care. It is not very functional and inefficient, so I want to avoid such software, as a result, in the driver list, I cannot install any drivers that start with Sony. The driver installation process is not smooth. No one told me (of course, Sony didn't remind me). There are different steps to install the driver, nnd: the whole process was depressing. After two hours, the driver was fully loaded.

Software Installation started. The first set of course was security + anti-virus: 360 sets, which took 15 minutes, not too much. Then, from the 360 software manager, commonly used software such as browsers, input methods, and players, it takes 40 minutes to install the software.

Then the system was patched. It took less than 30 hours to patch Windows 7.

Finally, I started to install the development environment:

Vs2010: 1 hour

Vs2008: 1 hour

Photoshop download (2 m/s) + installation: 1 hour

Express studio: 30 minutes

Office2010: It takes 1 hour to complete a false positive)

SQL Server: It took 1.5 hours. That's right. It took one hour to uninstall the garbage when installing SQL server that comes with! Change 2005 quickly.

Various third-party plug-ins + cracking: 40 minutes.

File Transfer: 1 hour.

So far, the development environment has been migrated, and the total time is:

12 hours, 25 minutes !!!


A terrible time labor cost! Hurry up and find a mobile hard disk backup. It took another hour.


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