ITIL IaaS Comparison

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The main purpose of IaaS is pooling, self-service versus ITIL-like process.
Itil Iaas
Request IP process, request IP, select Room-admin Assign ip-applicant Get IP 1. Forming an IP pool
2. Apply for ip-Select Room, View unassigned IP, select unassigned ip-"Admin audit-" process completed, the applicant to obtain the IP of choice
Application server, select Room, input configuration-"Administrator Assign server-" The applicant obtains the server 1. Forming an alternate server pool
2. Request the server, select the room, view the alternate server configuration, select the alternate server = "Administrator Audit consent-" the applicant obtains the server of choice
Server accessories application, input accessories equipment model information, input to the room = "Administrator Find accessories and assign =" Siteops implementation 1. Forming an accessory library
2. The applicant selects the accessory, if does not enter the application purchase process separately, if has, selects in and chooses the good room = "the Administrator audits =" Siteops implementation
Applicant Fill in LVs rs add deletion requirement = "LVS Manager audit Consent and implementation =" The applicant obtains the result 1. Applicants fill in LVs RS Add deletion Requirement =>lvs Manager Audit consent = "program Automatic implementation =" The applicant obtains the result
Applicant fills in virtual machine requirements = "admin Assignment =" Applicant obtains results 1. The applicant chooses the fixed mode several kinds of server = "Administrator audit =" The virtual machine automatically generates, and automatically assigns the IP, the administrator confirms = "The applicant obtains
Applications for VPN, account number, and other simple resources HBase Services
MySQL Cluster service
Queue Service
Self-Service Application
Static resource accelerated self-service application, self-filled domain name and back Source = "Return to the address of the domain name" The web has done this.

ITIL IaaS Comparison

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