It's being overwhelmed by ghosts!

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I have been resting for two days. It's time to go to work today, but I was overwhelmed by ghosts at AM. It was so horrible that my brain was awake and I could remember everything until now. Probably like this: "... start dreaming, meet a good person (it seems like an acquaintance, very familiar, but has not seen it for a long time, the gender is not sure, I feel like a generation older than me, Aunt .), Please eat noodles. It's delicious. There's something bad under the noodles. There's something unknown, just below a few noodles, if you open a few noodles, you will surely be able to see clearly, but I did not open it, do not dare to dial. At this time, the familiar person started to urge me. I was in a hurry and wanted to eat it immediately. I refused. I started to oppose it. I just refused to eat it. Then she came and stared at me. It looked terrible, A few seconds later, I flew into my body. I was under control. I wanted to change my mind. I didn't listen to my call. I wanted to scream. I couldn't develop my mouth and couldn't make a sound. I was so anxious and angry, it's useless... all of a sudden, I can move it, and it will not disappear, as if someone gave me energy. ", What are you doing? It turned out that my classmates pushed me and woke me up.
I was not sleeping for half an hour, and it gave me a cold sweat. In the past half an hour, I thought about what I did last night: watching the movie "Trojan killing City". Although there were several bloody scenes, I would not have had a nightmare! I also browsed the Forum and saw a horrible image related to the wedding. I forced me to reply after reading it. I don't believe this. Is it related to this. You can't figure it out! A few days ago, I re-read "nobody is in a bad mood". After a few days, I am not terrible. I have never seen it before! I am not sorry for others! I have never insulted any other moles! When I was a child, I killed several "Fa Hai" and only helped the police. I am talking about killing the victims and paying for Bai suzhen. If you want to get sleepy, you have no idea why! In the morning, I got up and told my classmates that he joked that the female in the picture was looking for me. Mom, just take a look. If you don't know what it looks like, you can find me. I'm not handsome! Ignore it, but there is still a shadow in my heart. I'm afraid! When I was a child, I heard my father tell a ghost story, telling a story like a real story. Now I am afraid of ghosts. I don't believe either of them.
If you do not have a task at the company, you can search for related information. I searched a lot for forums and blogs, and found many situations similar to me. The symptoms are also similar. Baidu knows the explanation clearly: it is called "Nightmare". After learning this word, he first knew its accurate definition and scientific explanation. Normally, it is said that 40-50% people have had such experiences. Most Chinese people are ghosts and gods, and most foreign people are aliens. This is caused by an out-of-sync phenomenon in the sleep of the brain system. Baidu Knows how to search for "ghost crush", which is clearly described. It also makes sense. It's no wonder that when someone got up, they always sat down for a while. A truth. I am relieved. At least not a real "Ghost.
Why did this nightmare happen last night? How can this problem be prevented in the future? I went on searching with questions and finally found a sentence from a doctor: "There is also less water before going to bed. Don't force yourself when you don't want to go to bed. This is because there may also be nightmares when you fall asleep, but there is a higher chance of an illusion ". I seldom drink water before going to bed. I watched the movie for a long time last night. I was a little thirsty. I just had a bottle of mineral water on the table. It is probably related to this. The answer finally came out. It turned out to be a bottle of water, and I had no spirit in the morning. I am so busy with this. Well, at least I figured out what the term "Nightmare" is. I don't know the number of Chinese words.

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