It's so easy to create a miracle !!!

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First, I would like to thank Justina mm. Dear, thank you!

We met each other in the broken meeting room in our department building in 2001. You are my first friend who is younger than me and has always made me feel at ease. Dear, thank you!


Next, let me talk about miracles.

Yesterday afternoon, I received a text message from arrena: "Do you want to meet? I miss you !" I replied, "Well, I miss you too ."

Then, we actively discuss the venue for dinner. Huaihai Road, I am familiar with that place, and I can leave with my eyes closed!

After work, I rushed straight to Huaihai Road. I am familiar with this place. I am confident that the road brands will not be seen, and I will rush to the hotel directly. I am familiar with that hotel. I can see all the symbol buildings around me with my eyes closed. Arrena has arrived. Wait for me in the hotel. I spoke to my cell phone and confidently said, "Don't worry, don't worry. I'm coming. It's coming soon !"

However, a miracle has occurred !!! I took a 5-minute journey and it took me 45 minutes.

At first, I walked forward without seeing the hotel after a long walk. Without hesitation, I continued and thought, "Why is it so far today? Is it slow for me to go ?" After that, I thought something was wrong. Oh, my God, I am in reverse !!!

I want to fight, but it's too late. I can't beat it. All the streets are private cars. Occasionally, there are 1 or 2 taxis with passengers on them. So I walked for a while and stopped for a while to see if there were any taxis. Wait for less than half a day, and then proceed for a while. It never took 45 minutes to arrive at the hotel.

The moment I walked towards arrena, I heard her say to her mobile phone: "The one that went away finally came ." Apparently, arrena is reporting to her husband the Story of My Lost Path on Huaihai Road. This story is amazing, and I am also surprised.

I am not blind. I am not blind. I have a strong sense of direction. The road blind people identify the road with "front and back", while I identify the road with "north and south. To a strange place, look for the road, I'm the best!

I have heard of a surprising story. In the summer of 2003, a student received a group of guests from afar and found a museum in People's Square for 60 minutes! For a long time, I think it was a miracle and a rare encounter. However, yesterday, unexpectedly, I created a miracle myself.

It's so easy to create a miracle!

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