James Gosling, the father of Java, published his blog, Too Soon, to commemorate jobs.

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A few weeks ago, we were talking about Jobs ' resignation. Although we all know what it means, I didn't expect it to come so quickly. There have been a lot of articles on this matter, especially the "economist" article.

Steve Jobs is a very unique person. Apple can't find anyone to replace him, and I don't think they should try to find a replacement for Steve Jobs. Because he is a man of God. Apple employees have a religious cult of him. At work, he is famous for being difficult to get along with, and for the extreme pursuit of perfection. I had three interviews with him, once he was fired by Apple, once at next, once he returned to Apple. Every time we had a long lunch in good Earth. We talked a lot every time, but every time I talked, I told myself, "No, I can't work for this man, he's a madman!" ”。 His kind of visionary madness drives him and his company forward. Steve Jobs is not an engineer, not a designer, but he has an excellent sense of excellence. Many companies have dedicated teams to fine-tune their products, but Apple doesn't, Apple has jobs, and one person is enough. He was often criticized for his control and his tyranny, but Jobs did it only for the sake of perfection: he could not improve anything that was not within his control. He not only understands Apple's products, but also knows more about Apple's customers and their preferences. He has invested more in Apple's customers than he has on Apple products. The biggest factor in Apple's success in recent years is that they make consumers do their best in every aspect of buying their goods, even if it's just a simple operation to open a product box. Details determine success or failure!

What will be the apple of post-jobs era? Although everyone had a hunch that the day was coming, we were shocked when it came. Will Apple follow Jobs ' established strategic tactics? I believe this can be done in a few years, but it will not keep pace with the development of the Times. Apple needs to find a new way out. There won't be another Steve Jobs in the world, but there are a lot of jobs ' apprentices, though they can't be jobs. The new Apple will be a community of Apple employees affected by jobs. No one will ever impose a quest for perfection, and that spirit must come from everyone's heart.

James Gosling, the father of Java, published his blog, Too Soon, to commemorate jobs.

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