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Resource pool is the architect to challenge the world, practical tools is the tool of designer Gongchenglvede, every successful design project behind, there are in these materials and tools of a credit. So, often update the material storehouse, discover new tool, become the designer's compulsory course.

New Year's start, mobile end design surging, web design also presents a new trend. To this end, we also specialize in the design circle of the latest dry goods, there are fresh-baked fonts, there are reliable typesetting tools, but also easy-to-use templates, as well as convenient Web applications, practical UI kits. Whether you are a designer or a front-end developer, you always have the tools you need.

1. Apple Watch UI Kit

This is a flat set of Apple Watch UI Kit, derived from Thedesignblog. Although the UI kit main color is red, you can also replace it with any color you like.

2. CSS Content Filter

This is a set of customizable, easily integrated CSS content filtering tools designed by Codyhouse.

3. Type Connection

Type Connection is a small game that allows you to learn more about fonts in the process of matching fonts.

4. Material Design Icons

1400 a small icon in line with material design style, built-in SVG and AI two formats, is absolutely dry goods in dry goods.

5. Hover States

Hover States is a collection of new and interesting user interface and interactive designs. Hover States is designed to help designers and web developers gain inspiration and experience in producing results.

6. Evil Icons

Evil icons is a collection of open source SVG icon collections that also includes various code to support icons, including rails, Sinatra, Node.js, Gulp, and Gunt.

7. Write the Docs

Write the Docs is a fairly good document community where you can learn more about the art and skills of writing documents.

8. Material Palete

Material Palette is a Material design Color tool builder, very useful.

9. Carved Wood Logo mockup PSD

This is a prototype of the carved wood texture logo psd material, which contains 2 different materials.

Typography boilerplate

TPESETTINGS.CSS is a prototype of a minimalist blog project, all of which are based on traditional graphic design.

Dark Metallic Logo mockup

This is a pretty good logo template, the design of the materialization of the entire logo has three-dimensional, texture use makes the entire logo rich texture. You can use this PSD file to modify the way you like.

IOS 8 GUI for Sketch

This is the IOS8 GUI source file produced by the Teehan&lax team for sketch.


MMXIV is an excellent 2014 design Dahe, you can not only see the 2014 monthly top three design, you can see the candidate list.


Skyline can help you design a system for your site, not just a complete set of CSS architectures, but a whole suite of reusable, maintainable code libraries.


This is a 12-control UI Kit that can be used individually or commercially.

365 Awesome Designers

In 365 Awesome designers you can see designers ' daily designs and focus on their Twitter and Facebook. (Please bring your own ladder)


In Designer.io you can learn the app design according to your own pace and needs.

Landing Page

This is a free, multi-purpose bootstrap landing page template that you can use in your own web site and web App.

The Range

This is a beautiful single-page psd template, stylish purple tones very can catch the user's eyeball Oh.

UI Tiles

The UI Tiles is a built-in 72-screen Web project for building site maps and visual processes. The design of the whole project is elegant and easy to customize.

Rafale free Font

Rafale is a rather interesting text in the West, used as a title is very good.


As a 20th century style of retro fonts, used for typesetting design is quite good, can be used for free.

Libre Caslon

This is a good web-oriented font, with a fairly good readability, especially on a small screen. Fonts are available for free download.


Vigneta is a woman-rich handwriting font.



Signale is a free font with a stylish geometric look.

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