Java code for authenticating into SMTP server with auth and TLS turned on ..

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Java code for authenticating into SMTP server with auth and TLS turned on ..

After a long search I Came internal SS this sample Java code for sending
Email into an SMTP server which required authentication and secure (TLS)
Connection. Hence I thought, I will re-publish it. I found this piece
Of code from Java developer forums... I cocould not trace back
Link... thanks to good soul who published it. I thought of re-publishing
It due its rarity.

I have used Java mail 1.4.

------------------------------- Java code ---------------------------
Import javax. Mail .*;
Import javax. Mail. Internet .*;
Import java. util .*;

Public class main
String d_email = " ",
D_password = "password ",
D_host = " ",
D_port = "465 ",
M_to = "email address ",
M_subject = "testing ",
M_text = "Hey, this is the testing email .";

Public main ()
Properties props = new properties ();
Props. Put ("mail. SMTP. User", d_email );
Props. Put ("mail. SMTP. Host", d_host );
Props. Put ("mail. SMTP. Port", d_port );
Props. Put ("mail. SMTP. starttls. Enable", "true ");
Props. Put ("mail. SMTP. Auth", "true ");
// Props. Put ("mail. SMTP. debug", "true ");
Props. Put ("mail. SMTP. socketfactory. Port", d_port );
Props. Put ("mail. SMTP. socketfactory. Class", " SSL. sslsocketfactory ");
Props. Put ("mail. SMTP. socketfactory. Fallback", "false ");

Securitymanager SECURITY = system. getsecuritymanager ();

Authenticator auth = new smtpauthenticator ();
Session session = session. getinstance (props, auth );
// Session. setdebug (true );

Mimemessage MSG = new mimemessage (session );
MSG. settext (m_text );
MSG. setsubject (m_subject );
MSG. setfrom (New internetaddress (d_email ));
MSG. addrecipient (message. recipienttype. To, new internetaddress (m_to ));
Transport. Send (MSG );
Catch (exception MEX)
Mex. printstacktrace ();

Public static void main (string [] ARGs)
Main blah = new main ();

Private class smtpauthenticator extends javax. Mail. authenticator
Public passwordauthentication getpasswordauthentication ()
Return new passwordauthentication (d_email, d_password );

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