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Java common 4 sorts of sorting methods

In Java, when using array to sort function, there are generally four kinds of methods: fast sorting method, bubbling method, choosing sorting method, inserting Sort method.

The fast sorting method mainly utilizes a method of arrays to Arrays.sort () implementation.

Bubble method is used to compare the traversal array, through the constant comparison of the minimum or maximum value of a single traversal.

The Select Sort method is to use the first data of the array as the largest or smallest value, and then output the ordered array by comparing the loops.

The insertion sort is the selection of data in an array, which is sorted by constant insertion comparisons. Below I will be their implementation method one by one detailed explanation for everybody's reference.

<1> using arrays with sorting method to quickly sort

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1 Import java.util.Arrays;

2 public class test2{

3 public static void main (string[] args) {

4 int[] a={5,4,2,4,9,1};

5 Arrays.sort (a); To sort

6 for (int i:a) {

7 System.out.print (i);


3 ·


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<2> Bubble Sort algorithm

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1 public static int[] Bubblesort (int[] args) {//bubble sort algorithm

2 for (int i=0;i<args.length-1;i++) {

3 for (int j=i+1;j<args.length;j++) {

4 if (Args[i]>args[j]) {

5 int temp=args[i];

6 args[i]=args[j];

7 args[j]=temp;


3 ·


one return args;


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<3> Selection Sorting algorithm

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1 public static int[] Selectsort (int[] args) {//select sorting algorithm

2 for (int i=0;i<args.length-1; i++) {

3 int min=i;

4 for (int j=i+1;j<args.length; j + +) {

5 if (Args[min]>args[j]) {

6 min=j;



9 if (min!=i) {

ten int temp=args[i];

One args[i]=args[min];




return args;


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<4> Insert Sorting algorithm

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1 public static int[] Insertsort (int[] args) {//Insert sort algorithm

2 for (int i=1;i<args.length;i++) {

3 for (int j=i;j>0;j--) {

4 if (Args[j]<args[j-1]) {

5 int temp=args[j-1];

6 args[j-1]=args[j];

7 args[j]=temp;

8}else break;



one return args;


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These are the four sorting methods in Java. Different methods of efficiency are not the same, the following is the comparison of different algorithms and data exchange when the large O representation.

Bubble sort: compare O (N2) data exchange O (N2)

Select sort: Compare O (N2) data exchange O (N)

Insert Sort: compare O (N2) copy data O (N)

In the practical application, we should try to choose the algorithm with high efficiency.

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