java-design mode (structural type)-"Enjoy meta mode"

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1. Enjoy meta mode (Flyweight)

Definition: The main purpose of the enjoy meta-mode is to realize the sharing of objects , that is, the shared pool , which can reduce the overhead of memory when there are many objects in the system, usually used in conjunction with the Factory mode .

1.1 Factory

Factory: A pool is built in, and if it exists, it is taken out, otherwise the public class Factorypool {private hashtable<string,person> pool=new hashtable< is created in the join pool String,person> ();p ublic person Getperson (String name) {  //First out of pool, no one is created to be placed in the pool  p=pool.get (name);  if (p==null)  {  //create and join the pool  System.out.println ("Factory new Person:" +name);  P=new person (name);  Pool.put (name, p);  }  System.out.println ("Return a Person:" +name);  return p;}} Class Person{private string name;public person (string name) {;}}

1.2 Testing

public class Test {public static void main (string[] args) {//TODO auto-generated method stub        factorypool  f=new Fa Ctorypool ();        Take person        P2=f.getperson ("HQ") from the factory;        Person P3=f.getperson ("cyx");        Person P1=f.getperson ("HQ");}}

1.3 Running Results

Factory new Person: HQ return a person: HQ factory New Person: Cyx Returns a person: Cyx returns a person: HQ


java-design mode (structural type)-"Enjoy meta mode"

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