Java Final Summary

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(a) The main contents of this semester's Java programming course

1. Installing and configuring the Java environment

2. Structured programming

① identifier ② keyword ③ data type ④ sequential structure ⑤ Select structure ⑥ loop structure

3. Object-Oriented Programming

① Class ② Object ③ method ④ inheritance ⑤ polymorphism ⑥ package ⑦ encapsulation ⑧ keyword Decoration ⑨ interface

4. Arrays

① one-dimensional array ② two-dimensional array

5. String

①string②string Buffer

6. Exception Handling


7. File and Data flow

8. Multithreaded Programming

9. Network programming


10. Database Programming

(ii) Number of lines of code written this semester

(iii) The main functions and harvesting in pairing programming

In pairing programming, my partner and I learned the pilot-driver mode, and I was the pilot and he was the pilot. I am responsible for providing ideas and he is responsible for implementing the code. I think the most interesting part of pairing programming is the discussion between two people, and we can listen to each other's different ideas in the discussion, which helps and broadens our thinking, and one's idea is too narrow. We all benefited a lot during the discussion, and at the end of our discussion we finished the exam with one of the clearest and best ideas we could think of. But I think that the completion of the exam topic is already secondary, enjoy pairing programming two people think differently when the process of understanding the different ideas and determine the best idea after the joint problem solving process is the most interesting.

(iv) The main role and harvesting in team programming

I took the responsibility of team leader in the group programming. The teacher is the hope that the team programming can simulate a programming team's working environment, I think our group is still very good, everyone contribute their expertise, clear division of labor after the positive and earnest to complete their work, I have not done the work of the Organization, as the leader I am very proud, It would really be a happy thing if I had a team like that in my job. I am in the team in addition to the head of the group is the main programmer, is responsible for the topic three of the writing, very ashamed not to complete all, but I also do my best, I am sorry to my team members. My harvest is through this team programming to recognize the importance of a team work together, everyone can make a satisfactory work.

(v) Study of this course Harvest

Through such a long period of study, I have some knowledge of Java programming, but also Java to write some simple small program, of course, I am very clear that I have mastered only Java fur, may not be the fur. I also know how the software programmer works through the study of Java, and I think it will be very helpful to me when I choose the direction of the profession.

(vi) Recommendations for this course

I hope that later in the course will be able to learn time to make a little longer, half semester also with Python study really feel very tired, the effect is very bad, but also our next half semester course a bit more reason. Class time is to feel rushed, we are in a hurry, very tired, learning process also has a lot of smattering places and over the effect is not good.

(vii) Advice to teachers and teaching assistants

Zheng is really a very conscientious teacher, I am very grateful to Mr. Zheng every patient guidance, especially in the face of my stupid things more students teachers can be so patient guidance in class, really thank you. You said you wanted to be able to do our coach is to take us to learn instead of filling us with knowledge, you did it. I think the teacher's advice is to hope that the teacher can properly reduce a little blog work. Blog is really useful but it will take up a lot of our spare time, I think I can stay two times must write the blog work, the rest can be used as an additional bonus points. For all the assistants I can think of only thanks, we write the code and blog they are seriously graded, but also marked the shortcomings of each of us and deducted points, so that we can see their shortcomings, thank you for the hard work of the TA.

Java Final Summary

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