Java from entry to entry-database Mongo DB installation start and configuration details, from entry to entry-level mongo

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Java from entry to entry-database Mongo DB installation start and configuration details, from entry to entry-level mongo

I. Overview
After Mongo DB is downloaded, how should we install and start and configure Mongo DB? This blog will introduce how to install and start Mongo DB and how to configure it.
Ii. Installation
1. Download Mongo DB


Click the above link to download Mongo DB

2. Decompress Mongo DB

3. Configure Environment Variables

4. Check whether Mongo DB is successfully installed.

Cmd mongo-version

Iii. startup and configuration details

Three files are required to start Mongo DB.

MongodbService. bat Server

MongodbClient. bat Client

Mongodb. conf configuration

The following describes how to configure each file.

MongodbService. bat

Mongod.exe -- config mongodb. conf

-- Config: # specify the file path for the startup Item

MongodbClient. bat

// Your server address and port number

Mongo 27017/admin

Mongodb. conf

DbPath = D: \ software \ MongoDBDATA # Database address #

Port = 27017 # specify the port number of the server listener. The default value is 27017.

Fork = true # Start mongoDB using daemon

Logpath = D: \ MongoDBLog # Log Path

Auth = true | false # use Security Authentication

Bind_ip = # IP address of the current server

Slave = true | false # determine whether you are a slave server

Master = true | false # confirm that I am the master server

ReplSet = child/ 2222 # Set companion

Finally, you can open the server and then open the client. You can use MongoDB, as shown in figure

Iv. Summary.

This blog only describes a simple method of installing and starting MongoDB, and a method of installing services.

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