Java generates two-dimensional code

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Step by step with Java design to generate two-dimensional code

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In the age of the Internet of Things, the QR code is a very important thing, now no matter what things have to make a two-dimensional code sign, lest the outdated, the policeman did not use two-dimensional code recognition. Perhaps one day zoning card or hukou will be used to identify the two-dimensional code. Today's whim, see others have added two-dimensional code for their blog, I also want to make a test.

Mainly used to achieve two points:

1. Generate the QR code of any text.

2. Add an image to the middle of the QR code.


Download QR Code pack.

First we have to download the Zxing.jar package, I use the 3.0 version of the core package

: Now it's migrated to Github:,

Of course you can also download the jar package from the MAVEN repository:

 PackageQrcodesoft;ImportJava.awt.Graphics2D;ImportJava.awt.geom.AffineTransform;ImportJava.awt.image.BufferedImage;; Public classBufferedimageluminancesourceextendsLuminancesource {Private Finalbufferedimage image; Private Final intLeft ; Private Final inttop;  PublicBufferedimageluminancesource (bufferedimage image) { This(image, 0, 0, Image.getwidth (), Image.getheight ()); }     PublicBufferedimageluminancesource (bufferedimage image,intLeft ,intTopintWidthintheight) {        Super(width, height); intSourcewidth =image.getwidth (); intSourceheight =image.getheight (); if(left + width > Sourcewidth | | top + Height >sourceheight) {            Throw NewIllegalArgumentException ("Crop rectangle does not fit within image data."); }         for(inty = top; Y < top + height; y++) {             for(intx = left; X < left + width; X + +) {                if((Image.getrgb (x, y) & 0xff000000) = = 0) {Image.setrgb (x, Y,0xFFFFFFFF);//= White                }            }        }         This. Image =Newbufferedimage (Sourcewidth, Sourceheight, Bufferedimage.type_byte_gray);  This. Image.getgraphics (). DrawImage (image, 0, 0,NULL);  This. left =Left ;  This. top =top; }        Public byte[] GetRow (intYbyte[] row) {        if(Y < 0 | | y >=getheight ()) {            Throw NewIllegalArgumentException ("Requested row is outside the image:" +y); }        intwidth =getwidth (); if(Row = =NULL|| Row.length <width) {Row=New byte[Width]; } image.getraster (). getDataElements (left, top+ Y, Width, 1, Row); returnRow; }        Public byte[] Getmatrix () {intwidth =getwidth (); intHeight =getheight (); intArea = width *height; byte[] Matrix =New byte[Area];        Image.getraster (). getDataElements (left, top, width, height, matrix); returnMatrix; }        Public Booleaniscropsupported () {return true; }        PublicLuminancesource Crop (intLeftintTopintWidthintheight) {        return NewBufferedimageluminancesource (Image, This. Left +Left , This. Top +top, width, height); }        Public Booleanisrotatesupported () {return true; }        PublicLuminancesource rotatecounterclockwise () {intSourcewidth =image.getwidth (); intSourceheight =image.getheight (); AffineTransform Transform=NewAffineTransform (0.0,-1.0, 1.0,                0.0, 0.0, Sourcewidth); BufferedImage Rotatedimage=Newbufferedimage (Sourceheight, Sourcewidth, Bufferedimage.type_byte_gray); Graphics2D g=Rotatedimage.creategraphics (); G.drawimage (image, transform,NULL);        G.dispose (); intwidth =getwidth (); return NewBufferedimageluminancesource (rotatedimage, top, Sourcewidth-(left +width), getheight (), width); }}
Package Qrcodesoft;import Java.awt.basicstroke;import;import java.awt.graphics2d;import Java.awt.image;import Java.awt.shape;import Java.awt.geom.roundrectangle2d;import java.awt.image.BufferedImage; Import;import;import Java.util.hashtable;import Java.util.random;import Javax.imageio.imageio;import;import;import;import;import ; Import;import;import;import;import;public class Qrcodeutil {private static final String CHARSET = "U    Tf-8 ";    private static final String Format_name = "JPG";    Two dimensional code size private static final int qrcode_size = 300; Logo width private static final int width = 60;    Logo height private static final int height = 60;  private static BufferedImage CreateImage (string content, String Imgpath, Boolean needcompress) throws Exception        {Hashtable hints = new Hashtable ();        Hints.put (Encodehinttype.error_correction, ErrorCorrectionLevel.H);        Hints.put (Encodehinttype.character_set, CHARSET);        Hints.put (Encodehinttype.margin, 1); Bitmatrix Bitmatrix = new Multiformatwriter (). Encode (content, Barcodeformat.qr_code, Qrcode_size, Qrcode_si        ZE, hints);        int width = bitmatrix.getwidth ();        int height = bitmatrix.getheight ();        BufferedImage image = new BufferedImage (width, height, bufferedimage.type_int_rgb); for (int x = 0; x < width; + +) {for (int y = 0; y < height; y++) {Image.setrgb (x, y, Bi Tmatrix.get (x, y)?            0XFF000000:0XFFFFFFFF); }} if (Imgpath = = NULL | | ". Equals (Imgpath)) {return image;        }//Insert Picture qrcodeutil.insertimage (image, Imgpath, needcompress);    return image; } private static void Insertimage (BufferedImage source, String Imgpath, Boolean needcompress) throws Exce        ption {File File = new file (Imgpath); if (!file.exists ()) {System.err.println ("" +imgpath+ "the file does not exist!)            ");        Return        } Image src = (new File (Imgpath));        int width = src.getwidth (null);        int height = src.getheight (null);            if (needcompress) {//Compress logo if (width > width) {width = width;            } if (height > height) {height = height;            } Image Image = Src.getscaledinstance (width, height, image.scale_smooth);            BufferedImage tag = new BufferedImage (width, height, bufferedimage.type_int_rgb); Graphics g = tag.getgraphicS (); G.drawimage (image, 0, 0, NULL);            Draw the reduced figure g.dispose ();        src = image;        }//Insert logo graphics2d graph = source.creategraphics ();        int x = (qrcode_size-width)/2;        int y = (qrcode_size-height)/2;        Graph.drawimage (src, x, y, width, height, null);        Shape shape = new Roundrectangle2d.float (x, y, Width, width, 6, 6);        Graph.setstroke (New Basicstroke (3f));        Graph.draw (Shape);    Graph.dispose ();  public static void Encode (string content, String Imgpath, String destpath, Boolean needcompress) throws        Exception {bufferedimage image = Qrcodeutil.createimage (content, Imgpath, needcompress);        Mkdirs (DestPath);        String file = new Random (). Nextint (99999999) + ". jpg";    Imageio.write (image, Format_name, new File (destpath+ "/" +file));           public static void Mkdirs (String destpath) {File file =new file (destpath); When the folder does notWhen present, Mkdirs automatically creates a multi-level directory, distinguished from mkdir.        (MkDir throws an exception if the parent directory does not exist) if (!file.exists () &&!file.isdirectory ()) {file.mkdirs ();        }} public static void encode (string content, String Imgpath, String destpath) throws Exception {    Qrcodeutil.encode (content, Imgpath, DestPath, false);        The public static void encode (string content, String DestPath, Boolean needcompress) throws Exception {    Qrcodeutil.encode (content, NULL, destpath, needcompress); public static void Encode (string content, String destpath) throws Exception {qrcodeutil.encode (content, Nu    ll, DestPath, false); public static void Encode (string content, String Imgpath, OutputStream output, Boolean needcompress) th        Rows Exception {bufferedimage image = Qrcodeutil.createimage (content, Imgpath, needcompress);    Imageio.write (image, format_name, output); } public static void encode (String content, OutputStream output) throws Exception {qrcodeutil.encode (content, NULL, output, false);        public static String decode (file file) throws Exception {bufferedimage image;        Image = (file);        if (image = = null) {return null;        } bufferedimageluminancesource Source = new Bufferedimageluminancesource (image);        Binarybitmap bitmap = new Binarybitmap (new Hybridbinarizer (source));        result result;        Hashtable hints = new Hashtable ();        Hints.put (Decodehinttype.character_set, CHARSET);        result = new Multiformatreader (). Decode (bitmap, hints);        String resultstr = Result.gettext ();    return resultstr;    public static string decode (string path) throws Exception {return Qrcodeutil.decode (new File);        public static void Main (string[] args) throws Exception {String text = ""; Qrcodeutil.encode (tExt, "d:/myworkdoc/my180.jpg", "D:/myworkdoc", true); }   }


Java generates two-dimensional code

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