Java-Generic understanding

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Java generics provide a compile-time type-safe detection mechanism that allows programmers to detect illegal types at compile time. Java generics are needed when you need to use an algorithm that does not have a specific data type for the algorithm, or if you want to specify an upper or lower limit for the type value!

  Rules for generic methods:

    • All generic method declarations have a part of a type parameter declaration (delimited by angle brackets) that is part of the type parameter declaration before the method return type.
    • Each type parameter declaration section contains one or more type parameters, separated by commas between the parameters. A generic parameter, also known as a type variable, is the identifier used to specify a generic type name.
    • A type parameter can be used to declare a placeholder for the actual parameter type that returns a value type and can be obtained as a generic method.
    • The declaration of a generic method body is the same as other methods. Note that the type parameter can only represent a reference type, not the original type (like Int,double,char, and so on).


  First, define a generic method to print the object array elements

1      Public Static<E>voidPrintArray (e[] inputarray) {2          for(E elements:inputarray) {3 System.out.print (elements);4         }5     }6 7      Public Static voidMain (string[] args) {8Integer[] intarray={4,5,6,5,8};9Double[] Doublearray = {1.1, 2.2, 3.3, 4.4 };TenCharacter[] Chararray = {' H ', ' E ', ' l ', ' l ', ' O ' }; One  ASystem.out.println ("Integer array element is:" ); - PrintArray (intarray); -  theSystem.out.println ("\ n double-array element:" ); - PrintArray (doublearray); -  -System.out.println ("\ n character array element is:" ); + PrintArray (chararray); -}

  Second, define a generic method to sort the numbers (extends use)

1  Public Static<eextendsComparable>e searchmaxnumber (e x,e y,e z) {2E maxnumber=x;3         if(Y.compareto (MaxNumber) > 0){4Maxnumber=y;5         }6         if(Z.compareto (MaxNumber) >0){7Maxnumber=Z;8         }9         returnMaxNumber;Ten     } One  A      Public Static voidMain (string[] args) { -SYSTEM.OUT.PRINTF (the largest number in "%d,%d, and%d is%d\n\n", -3, 4, 5, Searchmaxnumber (3, 4, 5 ) ); theSystem.out.printf ("%.1f,%.1f and%.1f the largest number is%.1f\n\n", -6.6, 8.8, 7.7, Searchmaxnumber (6.6, 8.8, 7.7 ) ); -SYSTEM.OUT.PRINTF (the largest number in "%s,%s, and%s is%s\n", "pear", -"Apple", "Orange", Searchmaxnumber ("Pear", "apple", "orange" ) ); +}

  Iii. Definition of generic classes

1  Public classGenericityexam<e> {2 3    Privatee e;4 5     PublicE Get () {6        returne;7    }8 9     Public voidput (e e) {Ten         This. e=e; One    } A  -      Public Static voidMain (string[] args) { -Genericityexam<integer> Integerval =NewGenericityexam<integer>(); theGenericityexam<character> Charval =NewGenericityexam<character>(); -  -Integerval.put (NewInteger (10)); -Charval.put (NewCharacter (' s '))); +  -System.out.printf ("Integer value:%d\n", Integerval.get ()); +System.out.printf ("Character:%c\n", Charval.get ()); A     } at  -}

 Four, type wildcard upper bound generic type

public static <E> void Listgen (list<? extends e> data) {
for (E Listdata:data) {
SYSTEM.OUT.PRINTLN ("Data:" + listData);

public static void Main (string[] args) {
list<integer> listin = new arraylist<> ();
list<number> LISTNU = new arraylist<> ();

Listin.add (18);
Listin.add (45);
Listnu.add (314);
Listnu.add (789);

Listgen (Listin);
Listgen (LISTNU);
    • <? Extends e> indicates that the type represented by the wildcard is a subclass of type E.
    • <? Super e> indicates that the type represented by the wildcard is the parent class of type E.

When a generic is defined, it changes to the object type during run time.

Java-Generic understanding

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