JAVA GUI layout Manager

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Boundary layout Manager: A. Layout: The whole container is divided into five parts. East, the north and south to penetrate, the middle of the largest (not only the middle of the largest, the right is also the largest) when the surrounding does not exist when the middle will occupy the periphery, when the middle does not exist when the periphery can not occupy the middle B. Usage scenario: Not used to directly put components, but to place a flow layout manager for sub- Flowframea. Layout method: is to proceed from left to right, from top to bottom, starting from the middle of the way, the component size is determined according to the component content, the position of the component will change with the size of the container B. Usage scenario: Used to place components instead of intermediate containers, flow layout is best to do single-line layout Grid layout Manager: Gridlayouta. Layout: The whole container is divided into equal size by row and column, and the sub-container that puts u into is equal to the number of sets, the priority is to guarantee the row to change columns B. Usage scenario: Not used to put components directly, but to place sub-containers (intermediate containers) JPanel Default Flow layout manager jframe default boundary layout manager we typically use nested layouts, where the first-tier container uses one layout intermediate container, and so on the other, and so on, so that the advantages of various layout managers are played!

JAVA GUI layout Manager

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