JAVA Iintellij Idea (2)-----Use Spring-boot-devtools Invalid solution

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Believe that most of the students who use IntelliJ will encounter this problem, even if the project used Spring-boot-devtools, modified class or HTML, JS, and so on, idea or will not automatically restart, to make a manual or restart,
There is no use for hot deployment. This is not your configuration problem, believe yourself, the hot deployment of the few settings is simple, the root cause is because IntelliJ Ieda and Eclipse, Eclipse set the automatic compilation of
, modifying the class is automatically compiled, and idea is automatically compiled without run or debug (provided you have set up Auto-compile).
Nonsense so much, how to solve it. Please be patient to look down.
1,idea settings Inside here must tick

2,shift+ctrl+alt+/, choose Registry

3, after entering, find the options shown in the following figure, tick

4, finally restart the project, and then change the contents of the class, idea will automatically go to make.

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