Java imitation Baidu Library-use swftools to Convert PDF files

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/*****/Package com. zxjxw. framework. util; import java. io. bufferedReader; import java. io. file; import java. io. IOException; import java. io. inputStream; import java. io. inputStreamReader; import java. util. arrayList; import java. util. list; import org. apache. commons. logging. log; import org. apache. commons. logging. logFactory;/*** @ author nlb * @ version 1.0 converts pdf, jpeg, font, gif, pgn, and wav Files to swf files */public class ConvertT OSwf {Log log = LogFactory. getLog (ConvertToSwf. class); private final String CONVERTFILETYPE = "pdf, jpg, jpeg, font, gif, png, wav"; private String swftoolsPath; /*** @ param swftoolsPath * is the tool address used to convert a file to swf */public ConvertToSwf (String swftoolsPath) implements this.swf toolsPath = swftoolsPath ;} /*** supports converting files into swf formats: "pdf, jpg, jpeg, font, gif, png, wav "** @ param sourceFilePath * address of the swf file to be converted * @ param swfFilePath * converted swf * @ Return */public boolean convertFileToSwf (String sourceFilePath, String swfFilePath) { ("start converting files to swf format "); if (swftoolsPath = null | swftoolsPath = "") {if (log. isWarnEnabled () {log. warn ("the address of the swf conversion tool is not specified !!! ");} Return false;} String filetype = sourceFilePath. substring (sourceFilePath. lastIndexOf (". ") + 1); // determines whether the uploaded file type meets the conversion requirement to (" indicates that the file type passes "); if (CONVERTFILETYPE. indexOf (filetype. toLowerCase () =-1) {if (log. isWarnEnabled () {log. warn ("the current file does not meet the file type to be converted to SWF !!! ");} Return false;} File sourceFile = new File (sourceFilePath); if (! SourceFile. exists () {if (log. isWarnEnabled () {log. warn ("the file to be swf does not exist !!! ");} Return false;} (" the file path to be converted exists "); if (! SwftoolsPath. endsWith (File. separator) {swftoolsPath + = File. separator;} StringBuilder commandBuidler = new StringBuilder (swftoolsPath); File swfFile = new File (swfFilePath); if (! SwfFile. getParentFile (). exists () {swfFile. getParentFile (). mkdirs ();} if (filetype. toLowerCase (). equals ("jpg") {filetype = "jpeg" ;}list <String> command = new ArrayList <String> (); command.add(this.swf toolsPath + "\" + filetype. toLowerCase () + "2swf.exe"); // read the command from the configuration file. add ("-z"); command. add ("-s"); command. add ("flashversion = 9"); command. add ("-s"); command. add ("poly2bitmap"); // add poly2bitmap to prevent large An error occurred when converting too many files or images. No exception command was generated for the swf file. add (sourceFilePath); command. add ("-o"); command. add (swfFilePath); try {ProcessBuilder processBuilder = new ProcessBuilder (); processBuilder. command (command); Process process = processBuilder. start (); ("start to generate the swf file .. "); dealWith (process); try {process. waitFor (); // wait until the child process ends. The child process is the new process called by the system to convert the file} catch (InterruptedException e) {e. printStackTrace ();} File swf = New File (swfFilePath); if (! Swf. exists () {return false;} ("SWF file conversion successful !!! ");} Catch (IOException e) {// TODO Auto-generated catch blocklog. error (" failed to convert to SWF file !!! "); E. printStackTrace (); return false;} return true;} public static void main (String [] args) {ConvertToSwf a = new ConvertToSwf ("D: \ Program Files \ SWFTools ");. convertFileToSwf ("D :\\ aa133", "D :\\ bb.swf");} private void dealWith (final Process pro) {// The following figure shows how to handle congestion. try {new Thread () {public void run () {BufferedReader br1 = new BufferedReader (new InputStreamReader (pro. getInputStream (); String text; try {While (text = br1.readLine ())! = Null) {System. out. println (text) ;}} catch (IOException e) {e. printStackTrace ();}}}. start ();} catch (Exception e) {e. printStackTrace ();} try {new Thread () {public void run () {BufferedReader br2 = new BufferedReader (new InputStreamReader (pro. getErrorStream (); // do not forget the information generated during processing, otherwise the String text will be blocked; try {while (text = br2.readLine ())! = Null) {System. err. println (text) ;}} catch (IOException e) {e. printStackTrace ();}}}. start ();} catch (Exception e) {e. printStackTrace ();}}}

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