Java Integrated Alipay Payment interface

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Spit: Alipay interface document really too ugly to understand, a mess, do not know where to find their own things, but also have technical customer service, thank technical Customer service (┬_┬)

Alipay Technology Customer Service point robot, input "artificial"

Find the interface documentation for your business, such as mobile payment interface documents, in the Alipay open platform-Document center:
Mobile Payment Java Backend interface is also under here.

2. After decompression to find inside the service side of the demo, in the configuration good partner with key, specific how to call, view the Webroot under the JSP demo

3. General integration of a interface, the other interface calls the same way, but change the value of the parameter service and according to the specific business increase or decrease parameters on the line.

Single transaction SDK (available on open platform or ask customer service):

Pit 1: Error code illegal_partner_exterface, not necessarily your signature or information is wrong, but also may be the interface did not sign (small series is so).

Pit 2: Refund interface
If you are okay with the site, you can apply for instant billing. But app, I'm sorry to tell you, no app refund interface, yes, no ... Alipay is required to have an independent website, and the site needs to have payment related operations.

Summary: Look at the document can not solve the problem, ask customer service, the quickest way to solve. Of course, can also give small message.

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