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Interface testing based on interface documentation interfaces for usability destructive testing,

The actual interface is crawled through the fiddler

Jenkins + ant + jmeter Build an interface test platform for continuous integration

Mac Common tools: xcode5.x and instruments


Java Learning materials:

The first part:

Part II: Http:// Password: 2i3e

Part III: Http:// Password: z8i1

Part III under: Password: 02FJ

Part IV: Android Essentials Tutorial +android Security

Http:// Password: ed5f

Java Basics: Day6--day10 section:
Link: Http:// Password: b7th

Day 11-day27
Link: Password: ww3r

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< <<<<<<<<<<<<<<

The first part: Password: ww3r

Part II: Http:// Password: 2i3e

第三、四、五部 points: Http:// Password: Y9WU

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Part I: Basic Java Tutorial (DAY01-DAY27)
Baidu Cloud Link: Password: 6555

Part II: Javaweb (DAY01-DAY27)
Baidu Cloud Link: Http:// Password: 68kv

Part III: Javaweb strengthening
Baidu Cloud Link: Password: 07d5

Part IV: Android Foundation and Enhancement (total 124 words)
Baidu Cloud Link: Http:// Password: 2yy7

Part V: Spring, Struts (1&2) framework
Baidu Cloud Link: Password: wvv9

Part VI: Big Data (Hadoop) (5 g)
Baidu Cloud Link: Http:// Password: 6OSJ

Part VII: Project development of related technologies! (Tetris, snakes eating eggs, traffic lights, banking
Dispatch system, online payment ....)
Baidu Cloud Link: Password: vqkz

Java Learning Materials

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