Java Learning route and resources download, continuous finishing

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Java Learning route and resources download, continuous finishing

Learning route Map:
1, Java Learning Classic Books _ BASIC programming Chapter
Java programming language. (US) Arnold. Clear version
JAVA2 Core Technology Volume 1th. Basic knowledge 7th
JAVA2 Core Technology Vol. II: Advanced Features 7th
Java language Programming-Basic (Original book 8th edition)
Java language Programming-Advanced (Original book 8th edition)
Java Programming Ideas 3
Java Programming Ideas 4th edition
Refactoring _ Improving the design of existing code

2. Java Learning Classic Book _ Architecture design Chapter
The thinking of the practitioners of the Avenue to Jane
[Software Architecture Design: Programmers transition to Architects (second Edition)]. Wen Yu. Scan version
The process of architecture design in actual combat software architecture
The beauty of architecture (clear Chinese full version)
97 things a software architect should know
SOA Talent Fans
Elephant (Thinking in UML)
The Zen of design pattern
[design mode: The basis of reusable object-oriented software]. Mechanical industry press. Scanned version
Head First design mode
UML Basics and Rose Modeling tutorials
UML and Schema Application 1 applying UML and Patterns (Chinese version)
Design Pattern _ Reusable Object-Oriented Software Foundation

3. Java Learning Classic Books _ Project management development process
Everyone is Product Manager Suger text full version
Chinese version of PMP
Project management seven cups of tea
Project implementation "Beyond the opponent--software project manager 18 kinds of practical skills"
CodeComplete1 (Code Daquan) Chinese version
Unified Software Development Process
Person version 3

4. Java Learning Classic Book _ Mobile development Chapter
Android Volume Ⅰ
Android security mechanism analysis and application practice. (吴倩, Xiao Zhao Chen)
An authoritative guide to Android programming
OpenGL ES Application Development Practice Guide iOS volumes
IOS 6 development from beginner to combat
Windows Phone 8 Development tips and examples of fine solutions
Official Android UI Design Tutorial (CHM)
Google Android SDK Development Example Daquan (full version)
iphone three-dimensional programming

5, Java Learning Classic Books _ Database Chapter
"Data analysis: Enterprise's Yin HelpMate" mini-book
Data mining: Concepts and Technologies [Chinese Version/original book 3rd edition]
Smart Cloud Data Center
Data mining technology and engineering practice
The Big Data Age
Oracle Talent Practice Cheats: Oracle 11g Database Management and Development guide mini-Book
NoSQL Essence _ Chinese Full version
MySQL 5 Authoritative Guide Chinese version (3rd edition)

6, Java Learning Classic Books _ Miscellaneous articles
[Cloud Computing Decoding (2nd edition)]. Rai and so on. Scanned version
Microsoft Cloud Computing Practice Guide
The Getting Started Guide to cloud computing
System Architect Exam Guide
2015 Information System Project Manager examination key Test Center difficulty and the past years real problem analytic data
Baidu Library Growth record
Hadoop authoritative Guide (Chinese version)

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Java Learning route and resources download, continuous finishing

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