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What is the learning route for Java? How to learn Java? What skills should a Java programmer learn? There is no standard answer to these questions, the ability of each person to learn, learning ways are different. We also know that to be a Java programmer, first of all to learn the basic Java syntax, but I have a colleague he did not know the class, inner class, anonymous class is what, this does not affect his writing procedures, the boss gave him the job, and then I chat with him to know that he study method and others are not the same, He likes to collect code, see someone else write code must try, and then write down what the code is to do, and later encountered similar function to take over to change; Regardless of his technical level is not high, at least mixing a job is no problem;

So to be a Java programmer has a lot of ways and learning route, find the right way to learn and the route is the most important, I would like to introduce the Java Learning Route, the main purpose is to allow you to quickly become a working Java programmer, more suitable for the work of the university students, People who are unemployed and want to change careers; If you want to be a big Java God, then you need a lot of other knowledge and a long way to go.

1, the first step is to learn the Java Foundation, that is, the official javase part of the knowledge, but before I still want you to do some other things, such as: first to know the basic operation of the computer, and then will be your typing speed practice up, typing speed on your study is very important, In theory, the more the code to learn the better, even some people say that learning a language must use it to knock enough 20,000 lines of code, you hit the code faster and more natural learning. Then began to javase study, I heard a lot of people said that javase in the most difficult to learn multithreading, may be multi-threaded will he stumped, I think the most difficult to learn Java Basic Department is the idea of object-oriented programming, which is the future as a Java programmer will always make you very headache problem, For example: we can abstract a person into a class, the car is abstracted into a class, it is very simple, but sometimes need to abstract classes, this class is called Class class, in Chinese is the classes, the object is created by the class, the class is the template to create objects, we will also abstract objects into classes, this class is called the object class, In Chinese is the object class, the object created with object is called objects class object, Haha, is not very around. This is just a simple example, the problem here is not much to discuss, or continue to talk about the basics of Java Learning Bar, the first to learn Java syntax, it is simple to remember the 50 or so words, and learn how they use, the focus is on object-oriented programming, but also need to understand the reflection mechanism, exception handling, New features in Java5, 7, 8, and then the official Java library, that is, to learn how the program is called, commonly used libraries include: GUI, I/O, Class set Framework (set), multi-threading, network programming, JDBC, etc. also need to learn SQL (the main learning standard Structured query statement SQL , MySQL or other database management system will basically be used on the line).

2, Java Enterprise Development is no interface, the interface uses the Web front-end technology, learning Java EE before the first to learn the Web front-end development technology, mainly include: Html/css, JavaScript, popular JS and Web development Framework (JQuery, Prototype, Bootstrap, Easyui, Dojo, AngularJS, node. js, etc.), where the focus of learning should be on JavaScript, so to speak, only Java may not find a job, But only JavaScript can find work, and then it is learning XML, Web Communication, Tomcat, servlet/jsp, request and response, cookies and sessions, El expressions, Jstl and custom tags, filters, Listener, Ajax technology, MVC Software design, and then learn the use of Oracle database. This part of the content learning can be developed after the Web project, but when you develop a large enterprise-class system is very hard, and when the use of a very long time system performance optimization will also give you a headache.

3, really do enterprise-level development, we will use a lot of third-party framework or middleware, so the common framework of learning is very necessary, the enterprise uses the most of course is SSH, that is struts, Hibernate, Spring, also need to learn MyBatis, Maven, Lucene \SOLR, Redis, Freemarker, Nginx, Dubbo, Zookeeper, and so on, of course, the focus of learning should be on SSH and MyBatis, although various frameworks have their own rules and methods of use, but the overall framework is to make development easier , so the framework of learning is not difficult, do not be frightened by them, in particular, do not be fooled by some nouns, as long as the Java Foundation to learn the content of the study is no problem.

Finally said that I study the method, not necessarily suitable for all, only for reference, two days ago in the know to see a netizen called Schuchen answer another netizen on how to learn the program development problem, let me remember very deep, he said: "I in the" Brief History of Hackers, "I learned the most important point: the thoery in the Book, the Truth in the code. Go to the source to explore all the truth, as much as possible to read less technical books, less read some of the methodology of the college, read more scientific papers, more talk with others, directly from the project website and documents to learn, improve their internet learning ability, Programming is the creative activity of freedom. " This paragraph of his words describe my usual way of learning, I seldom read technical books, if you look at the words also just look at the above code, I will try first, after the test most of me understand, so also will not go back to read the explanation; I will learn any new technology is to find the official website, crossing network provides examples, Be sure to try it yourself, try not to run the code to see the effect, is to first knock over, and then change, and then write their own program to try, this learning programming way, in my opinion is undoubtedly the fastest best.

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Java Learning route

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