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Server | Mailing List Appendix:
* Class Listserver provides basic mailing list service features: Read all new messages for the specified mail account and forward to
* All mail accounts (subscribers) specified in the Emaillistfile file. Mail account format in Emaillistfile
* For each line of a mail account.
Import java.util.*;

Import javax.mail.*;
Import javax.mail.internet.*;
Import javax.activation.*;

public class Class1
private static final String INBOX = "INBOX", pop_mail= "POP3", smtp_mail= "SMTP";
Private Boolean Debugon = false;
Private String _smtphost = null,
_pop3host = NULL,
_user = NULL,
_password = NULL,
_emaillistfile = NULL,
_fromname = null;
Private internetaddress[] _tolist = null;

Main (): Create and start listserver instances
public static void Main (String args[])
Throws Exception
Check input parameters
if (Args.length < 6)
System.err.println ("Usage:java listserver SMTP Server POP3 server POP3 account POP3 account password subscriber list file check period (minutes) sender name");
System.exit (1);

Assigning command line arguments to the corresponding variable
String SMTPHost = args[0],//SMTP server
Pop3host = args[1],//POP3 server
user = args[2],//POP3 mail Account
Password = args[3],//POP3 mail account password
EMAILLISTFILE=ARGS[4],//subscriber manifest file
FromName = null; Sender Name

int checkperiod = Integer.parseint (args[5]); New mail Check cycle

if (Args.length > 6)
FromName = args[6];

Create a listserver instance to recycle new messages
Listserver ls = new listserver ();
Ls.setdebug (FALSE);
while (true)
Ls.debugmsg ("listserver start ...");
Ls.process (SMTPHost, pop3host, user, password, emaillistfile, fromname);
Ls.debugmsg ("listserver pause" + checkperiod + "Minutes");
Thread.Sleep (CHECKPERIOD*1000*60);

Process (): Check for new messages, call PROCESSMSG () to process a single message
public void process (string smtphost, String pop3host, string user, string password, string emaillistfile, String fromname)
Throws Exception
_smtphost = SMTPHost;
_pop3host = Pop3host;
_user = user;
_password = password;
_emaillistfile = Emaillistfile;
if (fromname!= null)
_fromname = FromName;

Read the Subscriber account into Java.util.Vector
Vector vlist = new vector (10);
BufferedReader listfile = new BufferedReader (new FileReader (Emaillistfile));
String line = null;
while (line = Listfile.readline ())!= null)
Vlist.addelement (new internetaddress (line));
Listfile.close ();

Debugmsg ("Total" + vlist.size () + "subscribers");

_tolist = new Internetaddress[vlist.size ()];
Vlist.copyinto (_tolist);
Vlist = null;

Get Session Object
Properties sysproperties = System.getproperties ();
Session session = Session.getdefaultinstance (sysproperties, NULL);
Session.setdebug (Debugon);

Connecting to the POP3 mail server
Store store = Session.getstore (Pop_mail);
Store.connect (Pop3host,-1, _user, _password);

Open the default folder
Folder folder = Store.getdefaultfolder ();
if (folder = = null)
throw new NullPointerException ("No default mail Folder");
folder = Folder.getfolder (INBOX);
if (folder = = null)
throw new NullPointerException ("Unable to open folder:" + folders); (Folder.read_write);

Get new Message Count
int totalmessages = Folder.getmessagecount ();
if (totalmessages = 0)
Debugmsg (Folder + "no new Mail");
Folder.close (FALSE);
Store.close ();

Get properties and tags for all new messages
message[] messages = Folder.getmessages ();
Fetchprofile fp = new Fetchprofile ();
Fp.add (FetchProfile.Item.ENVELOPE);
Fp.add (FetchProfile.Item.FLAGS);
Fp.add ("X-mailer");
Folder.fetch (messages, FP);

Process each new message
for (int i = 0; i < messages.length; i++)
if (!messages[i].isset (Flags.Flag.SEEN))
Processmsg (SMTPHost, messages[i]);
Messages[i].setflag (Flags.Flag.DELETED, true);

Folder.close (TRUE);
Store.close ();

Processmsg (): Analyze a single new message and call Sendmsg () to forward it to all subscribers
private void Processmsg (String smtphost, message message)
Throws Exception
String Replyto=_user, subject, Xmailer, MessageText;
Date sentdate;
int size;
Address[] A=null;

Get message headers (sender, recipient, message subject, Date sent, etc.)
if ((A = Message.getfrom ())!= null)
ReplyTo = A[0].tostring ();

Subject = Message.getsubject ();
Sentdate = Message.getsentdate ();
Size = Message.getsize (); string[] HDRs = Message.getheader ("X-mailer");
if (HDRs!= null)

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