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Simple value assignment operator
= Simple value assignment operator
Arithmetic Operators
+ Addition operator-subtraction operator * multiplication operator/division operator % modulo operator
Unary operator
+ Mona1 + operator; indicates a positive value (but the value is positive by default)-mona1-operator; returns the inverse ++ auto-increment operator; increments the value by 1-the auto-increment operator; reduce the value from 1! Logical operator to reverse the Boolean Value
Equal and comparison Operators
= Equal! = Not equal to> greater than> = greater than or equal to <less than <= less than or equal
Conditional Operators
& Conditions and | condition or? : Ternary (If-then-ElseStatement stenographer)
Type comparison operator
Instanceof comparison object and specific type
Bitwise AND bitwise moving Operators
~ Complement by bit <shift to the left with a symbol> shift to the right without a symbol & shift to the right by bit and ^ by bit or | by bit or
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