Java read import CSV format file

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First, be prepared to download a Javacsv.jar rack package

public void Readecsv () {
try {

           ArrayList<String[]> csvList = new ArrayList<String[]>(); //用来保存数据  //注明:或者可以通过前端上传的文件,用一个方法获取上传文件名uploadName(String)    String csvFilePath = "C:\\Users\\Administrator\\Desktop/05122017.csv";       CsvReader reader = new CsvReader(csvFilePath,‘,‘,Charset.forName("GBK"));    //解决中文编码             reader.readHeaders(); // 跳过表头   如果需要表头的话,不要写这句。              while(reader.readRecord()){ //逐行读入除表头的数据               csvList.add(reader.getValues());       }                   reader.close();           for(int row=0;row<csvList.size();row++){  

String cell = csvlist.get (row) [0]; You can specify the fetch content by obtaining the data in column No. 0 of Row row


                 System.out.println("姓名:"+cell)                       }                }catch(Exception ex){      System.out.println(ex);  }  



    • Writing to a CSV file

public void Writecsv () {
try {

          String csvFilePath = "E:\\xb:/05122017.csv";       CsvWriter wr =new CsvWriter(csvFilePath,‘,‘,Charset.forName("SJIS"));       String[] contents = {"aaaaa","bbbbb","cccccc","ddddddddd"};                           wr.writeRecord(contents);       wr.close();   } catch (IOException e) {      e.printStackTrace();   


Java read import CSV format file

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