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Awesome series of Java resource collation. Awesome-java is the list of Java resources that AKULLPP initiates maintenance, including: Build tools, databases, frameworks, templates, security, code Analysis, logs, third-party libraries, books, Java sites, and more.

Business Process Management Suite

Process-driven software system construction, middleware.

    • JBPM: A very flexible business process management framework that is dedicated to building bridges between development and business analysts. Website
    • Activiti: The new generation of open source BPM engines, the core of which is the ultra-fast, ultra-stable BPMN 2.0 process engine based on Java, emphasizing the embedding and extensibility of process services. Download website
BYTE code operation

The development library for manipulating bytecode programmatically.

    • ASM: Common underlying bytecode manipulation and analysis development library. Website
    • BYTE Buddy: Use the streaming API to further simplify bytecode generation. Website
    • Byteman: Use DSL (rules) to manipulate bytecode at run time for testing and troubleshooting. Website
    • Javassist: An attempt to edit a simplified characters section code. Website
Cluster Management

A framework for dynamically managing applications within a cluster.

    • Apache Aurora:apache Aurora is a mesos framework for long-running services and scheduled tasks (cron job). Website
    • Singularity:singularity is a Mesos framework for easy deployment and operation. It supports Web Service, background run, dispatch jobs, and one-time tasks. Website
Code Analysis

Measure code metrics and quality tools.

    • Checkstyle: Code authoring specification and standard static analysis tools. Website
    • Error prone: Common programming errors are reported as run-time errors. Website
    • FindBugs: Find hidden bugs through bytecode static analysis. Website
    • Jqassistant: Static analysis of code using the NEO4J query language. Website
    • PMD: Find bad programming habits for source code analysis. Website
    • SonarQube: Integrate other analytics components with plug-ins to count data over time in the past. Website
Compiler Build Tool

The framework used to create the parser, interpreter, or compiler.

    • ANTLR: Complex full-featured top-down parsing framework. Website
    • JAVACC:JAVACC is a more specialized lightweight tool that is easy to get started and supports predictive grammar. Website
Build tools

Build and apply dependency processing tools.

    • Apache Maven:maven is a declarative build and dependency management tool that is managed with conventions over configuration. MAVEN is more recommended than Apache ant, which uses process-based management and is relatively difficult to maintain. Website
    • Bazel: Build tools from Google that can build code quickly and reliably. Website
    • Gradle: Using Groovy (non-XML) for incremental builds can work well with Maven dependency management. Website
External Configuration Tool

Support for external configuration of the development library.

    • Config: The configuration library for the JVM language. Website
    • Owner: Reduces redundant configuration properties. Website
Constraint satisfies the problem solver

Help solve the development library of constraint satisfaction issues.

    • Choco: The constraint that can be used directly satisfies the problem solver, and the constrained programming technique is used. Website
    • JACOP: Provides an interface for the Flatzinc language to execute the MINIZINC model. Website
    • Optaplanner: Enterprise Planning and resource scheduling optimization solver. Website
    • SAT4J: The most advanced solver for logical algebra and optimization problems. Website
Continuous integration
    • Bamboo:atlassian solutions that can be well integrated with Atlassian's other products. You can choose an open source license or purchase a commercial version. Website
    • Circleci: Hosting services are available for free trial. Website
    • Codeship: Provides hosting services and offers a limited free model. Website
    • FABRIC8: Container integration platform. Website
    • Go:thoughtwork Open Source solution. Website
    • Jenkins: Support for server-based deployment services. Website
    • Teamcity:jetbrain's continuous integration solution with free version. Website
    • Travis: A managed service that is typically used as an open source project. Website
CSV parsing

Simplified framework and Development library for CSV data reading and writing

    • Univocity-parsers: One of the fastest-functioning CSV development libraries, supporting both TSV and fixed-width recording. Website

Tools for simplifying database interaction.

    • Apache Phoenix:hbase High-performance relational database tier for low latency applications. Website
    • Crate: Distributed data storage for data synchronization, fragmentation, scaling, and replication. In addition, you can use SQL-based syntax to query across clusters. Website
    • Flyway: A simple database migration tool. Website
    • H2: A small SQL database that is known to be used as a memory database. Website
    • HIKARICP: High performance JDBC Connection tool. Website
    • JDBI: A handy jdbc abstraction. Website
    • Jooq: Generate Typesafe code for SQL schema. Website
    • MAPDB: An embedded database engine that is based on a concurrent collection in disk or heap memory. Website
    • Presto: Distributed SQL query engine for big data. Website
    • Querydsl:typesafe Unified Query. Website
    • The Parquet:google (columnar) storage format based on the assembly algorithm published in the Apache Dremel paper. Website
    • Protobuf:google Data Interchange Format. Website
    • SBE: Simple binary encoding, is one of the fastest message formats. Website
    • Wire: Neat lightweight protocol cache. Website
Time Date Tool Library

The development library that processes time and date.

    • Joda-time: Before Java 8 was released, Joda-time was the time-and-date library standard that was actually used. Website
    • TIME4J: Advanced time and Date library. Website
    • THREETEN:JSR-310 is implemented to provide a more characteristic time and date API for the JDK. Website
Dependency Injection

help implement a development library that relies on the flip paradigm. official website

    • Apache DELTASPIKE:CDI extension Framework. Website
    • Dagger2: Compile-time injection framework, no need to use reflection. Website
    • Guice: A lightweight injection framework that can rival dagger. Website
    • HK2: Lightweight dynamic Dependency Injection framework. Website
Development process Enhancement tools

Enhance the development process from the most basic level.

    • ADT4J: JSR-269 code generator for algebraic data types. Website
    • AspectJ: Seamless scaling for tangent-plane programming (AOP). Website
    • Auto: Source code generator collection. Website
    • DCEVM: The runtime supports unlimited redefinition of loaded classes by modifying the JVM at run time. Website
    • Hotswapagent: Supports unlimited redefinition of runtime classes and resources. Website
    • Immutables: A conditional class similar to Scala. Website
    • Jhipster: Yeoman source code generator based on spring boot and ANGULARJS application. Website
    • JRebel: No need to redeploy, can instantly reload code and configuration of commercial software. Website
    • Lombok: A code generator that reduces redundancy. Website
    • Spring Loaded: Class overload agent. Website
    • Vert.x: Multi-language event-driven application framework. Website
Distributed applications

A development library and framework for writing distributed fault-tolerant applications.

    • Akka: Tools and runtimes used to write distributed fault tolerant concurrency event-driven applications. Website
    • Apache Storm: Real-time computing systems. Website
    • Apache ZooKeeper: Supports distributed configuration, synchronization, and name registration for large distributed system coordination services. Website
    • Hazelcast: Highly extensible memory data grid. Website
    • Hystrix: Provides latency and fault tolerance. Website
    • JGroups: Provides reliable messaging and cluster creation tools. Website
    • Orbit: Supports virtual roles (actors), adding another layer of abstraction on top of traditional roles. Website
    • Quasar: Provides lightweight threading and roles for the JVM. Website
Distributed database

For applications, a database in a distributed system looks like there is only one data source.

    • Apache Cassandra: Column database with high availability and no single point of failure. Website
    • Apache HBase: Hadoop database for big data. Website
    • Druid: Real-time and historical OLAP data storage, which perform well in aggregate queries and approximate queries. Website
    • Infinispan: Data storage for high concurrency key values for caching. Website

A tool for publishing applications in native format.

    • Bintray: Publish binary version Control tool. Can be used in conjunction with MAVEN or Gradle. Open source free version and several commercial charge versions available. Website
    • Central Repository: The largest binary component repository for free services for the open source community. Apache Maven uses the central official website repository by default, or it can be used in all other build tools.
    • IzPack: Create authoring tools for cross-platform deployments (Authoring tool). Website
    • Jitpack: A handy tool for packaging GitHub warehouses. Build maven, Gradle projects, and publish ready-to-use components as needed. Website
    • LAUNCH4J: Wraps the jar as a lightweight native Windows executable program. Website
    • Nexus: Binary management tool that supports proxy and caching capabilities. Website
    • Packr: Package jars, resources, and JVMs into Windows, Linux, and Mac OS x local publishing files. Website
Document processing Tools

The development library that processes Office documents.

    • Apache POI: Supports the Ooxml specification (XLSX, DOCX, PPTX) as well as the OLE2 specification (XLS, DOC, PPT). Website
    • DOCUMENTS4J: Convert the document format using a third-party converter to a format similar to MS Word. Website
    • Jopendocument: Processing the OpenDocument format (presented by Sun Company in XML-based document format). Website
Function-Type programming

Function-type programming support library.

    • Cyclops: Supports unary (MONAD) operations and flow Operations tool classes, comprehension (list syntax), pattern matching, trampoline, and more. Website
    • Fugue:guava's functional programming extension. Website
    • Functional Java: A variety of basic and advanced programming abstractions are implemented to assist in composite development (composition-oriented development). Website
    • Javaslang: A functional component library that provides persistent data types and function-controlled structures. Website
    • Jooλ: An extension designed to fill the Java 8 Lambda Gap, providing a number of missing types and a rich set of sequential streaming APIs. Website
Game development

Game development Framework.

    • Jmonkeyengine: Modern 3D game development engine. Website
    • LibGDX: A comprehensive cross-platform high-level framework. Website
    • LWJGL: An abstract robust framework for technologies such as Opengl/cl/al. Website

Modern graphical user interface development library.

    • Successor to the javafx:swing. Website
    • Scene Builder: A visual layout tool for developing JAVAFX applications. Website
High Performance Computing

Covers high-performance computing-related tools from collections to specific development libraries.

    • Agrona: A common data structure and tool approach in high-performance applications. Website
    • Disruptor: Inter-thread messaging development library. Website
    • Fastutil: A fast and compact collection of specific types (Collection). Website
    • GS Collections: A collection framework inspired by Smalltalk. Website
    • HPPC: Collection of base types. Website
    • Javolution: Development library for real-time and embedded systems. Website
    • The missing concurrency tool in JCTOOLS:JDK. Website
    • Koloboke:hash set and Hash map. Website
    • Trove: Collection of base types. Website
    • High-scale-bli:cliff Click Personal developed high-performance concurrency Library official website

Simplifies the development of an integrated development environment.

    • Eclipse: An established open source project that supports a variety of plugins and programming languages. Website
    • IntelliJ idea: Support for many JVM languages is a good choice for Android developers. Business Edition is mainly for enterprise customers. Website
    • NetBeans: Provides integrated support for a variety of technologies, including Java SE, Java EE, database access, HTML5, and more. Website
    • Scala IDE: A Scala integrated development environment built on the Eclipse Open source platform. Website
    • SpringSource Tool Suite (STS): A spring application development environment built on the Eclipse Open source platform. Website
Image processing

Support library for creating, evaluating, and manipulating images.

    • IMGSCALR: pure Java 2D Implementation, simple, efficient, hardware-accelerated image scaling development library. Website
    • Picasso: Android image download and image cache development Library. Website
    • Thumbnailator:thumbnailator is a high-quality Java Thumbnail Development library. Website
    • ZXing: Support a multi-format one-dimensional, two-dimensional barcode image processing development library. Website
    • Im4java: Based on the ImageMagick or GraphicsMagick command line Image processing Development library, basically ImageMagick can support the image format and processing methods can be processed. Website

A development library that simplifies JSON processing.

    • Genson: Powerful and easy-to-use Java-to-JSON conversion development library. Website
    • Gson: Google's official JSON processing library, which supports bidirectional serialization between objects and JSON, performs well and can be called in real time. Website
    • Jackson: Similar to Gson, the performance is better when used frequently. Website
    • Logansquare: Based on the Jackson Streaming API, provides parsing and serialization of JSON. It works better than Gson and Jackson combined. Website
    • Fastjson: A high-performance, fully-functional JSON library written in the Java language. Website

Current JVM and JDK implementations.

    • Early access version of JDK 9:JDK 9. Website
    • OPENJDK:JDK Open Source implementation. Website
JVM-based language

In addition to Java, a programming language that can be used to write JVM applications.

    • Scala: A statically typed programming language that incorporates object-oriented and functional programming ideas. Website
    • Groovy: Type-selectable (optionally typed) dynamic language that supports static typing and static compilation. It is currently an Apache incubator project. Website
    • Clojure: A dynamic type language that can be seen as a modern version of Lisp. Website
    • The object-oriented static type programming language developed by Ceylon:redhat. Website
    • Kotlin:jetbrain a statically typed programming language for the JVM, Android, and browser. Website
    • Xtend: A static programming language capable of translating its code into simple, efficient Java code and running on a JVM. Website

The development library that records the application behavior log.

    • Apache log4j 2: Full rewrite with powerful plug-ins and configuration schemas. Website
    • Kibana: Analysis and visualization of log files. Website
    • Logback: A robust date development library that offers many interesting options through groovy. Website
    • Logstash: Log file Management tool. Website
    • Metrics: Publish parameters via JMX or HTTP, and support storage to the database. Website
    • SLF4J: The log abstraction layer needs to be used in conjunction with specific implementations. Website
Machine learning

Tools that provide specific statistical algorithms. Its algorithms can be learned from the data.

    • Apache Flink: Fast, reliable, large-scale data processing engine. Website
    • Apache Hadoop: Open source software framework for large-scale data storage on commercial hardware clusters. Website
    • Apache Mahout: An extensible algorithm that focuses on collaborative filtering, clustering, and classification. Website
    • Apache Spark: Open source data analytics cluster computing framework. Website
    • Deepdive: A tool for building structured information from unstructured data and integrating it into existing databases. Website
    • DEEPLEARNING4J: Distributed multi-threaded deep learning development library. Website
    • H2O: An analysis engine used as a big data statistic. Website
    • Weka: A collection of algorithms that are used as data mining, from preprocessing to visualization at all levels. Website
Message delivery

A tool for message passing between clients to ensure protocol independence.

    • Aeron: Efficient and scalable unicast, multicast messaging tool. Website
    • Apache ActiveMQ: An open source message broker (broker) that implements JMS to convert synchronous traffic to asynchronous communication. Website
    • Apache Camel: Combine different message transfer APIs with Enterprise integration pattern EIP. Website
    • Apache Kafka: High throughput distributed messaging system. Website
    • Hermes: Fast, reliable message broker (broker) built on Kafka. Website
    • JBoss HornetQ: Clear, accurate, modular, easy-to-embed messaging tools. Website
    • JEROMQ:ZEROMQ's pure Java implementation. Website
    • Smack: Cross-platform XMPP client function library. Website

No other resources are classified.

    • Design Patterns: Implements and interprets the most common pattern of designs. Website
    • JIMFS: Memory file system. Website
    • Lanterna: Simple console text GUI function library similar to curses. Website
    • Lightadmin: Pluggable Crud UI library that can be used for rapid application development. Website
    • Openrefine: Tools for dealing with chaotic data, including cleanup, transformations, scaling with Web service, and associating it to a database. Website
    • Robovm:java Write native iOS apps. Website
    • Quartz: A powerful Task Scheduler library. Website
Application Monitoring Tools

Tools for monitoring applications in the production environment.

    • AppDynamics: Performance monitoring Business Tools. Website
    • Javamelody: Performance monitoring and analysis tools. Website
    • The Kamon:kamon is used to monitor applications running on the JVM. Website
    • New Relic: Performance monitoring Business Tools. Website
    • SPM: A performance monitoring business tool that supports distributed transaction tracking for JVM applications. Website
    • TAKIPI: Product run-time error monitoring and commissioning of business tools. Website
Native Development Library

A native development library for specific platform development.

    • JNA: You can use the native development library without using JNI. In addition, interfaces are provided for common system functions. Website
Natural language Processing

A library of functions that are designed to handle text.

    • Apache OPENNLP: Tools for dealing with common tasks like word breakers. Website
    • CORENLP: Stan CORENLP provides a set of basic tools that can handle tasks like tagging, entity name recognition, and sentiment analysis. Website
    • Lingpipe: A set of tools that can handle a variety of tasks, support POS tagging, sentiment analysis, and more. Website
    • Mallet: Statistics natural Language Processing, document classification, clustering, theme modeling and so on. Website

Network programming function Library.

    • Async HTTP Client: Asynchronous HTTP and websocket client function libraries. Website
    • Grizzly:nio framework, used as a network layer in GlassFish. Website
    • Netty: Building a high-performance network application Development framework. Website
    • OkHttp: A Http+spdy Client for Android and Java applications. Website
    • Undertow: A Web server that implements blocking and non-blocking APIs based on NIO, and is used as a network layer in Wildfly. Website

An API that handles object persistence.

    • Ebean: An ORM framework that supports fast data access and encoding. Website
    • Eclipselink: Supports many persistence standards, JPA, JAXB, JCA, and SDO. Website
    • Hibernate: A widely used, robust persistence framework. Hibernate's technical community is very active. Website
    • MyBatis: A coupling object with a stored procedure or SQL statement (Couples objects). Website
    • Ormlite: Lightweight development package that eliminates the complexity and overhead of other ORM products. Website

The resource used to help create a PDF file.

    • Apache FOP: Create PDF from XSL-FO. Website
    • Apache PDFBox: A toolset for creating and manipulating PDFs. Website
    • Lite version of Dynamicreports:jasperreports. Website
    • Flyingsaucer:xml/xhtml and CSS 2.1 renderer. Website
    • IText: A library of easy-to-use PDF libraries to program the creation of PDF files. Note that a license is required for commercial use. Website
    • JasperReports: a complex reporting engine. Website
Performance analysis

Performance analysis, profiling, and benchmarking tools.

    • Jhiccup: Provides logs and records that are paused by the JVM in the platform. Website
    • JMH:JVM Benchmark Test Tool. Website
    • Jprofiler: Business Analyzer. Website
    • Latencyutils: Tools for measuring and reporting delays. Website
    • VisualVM: Provides a visual interface for running application information. Website
    • Yourkit Java Profiler: Business Analyzer. Website
Responsive Development Library

A development library for developing responsive applications.

    • REACTIVE STREAMS: Asynchronous stream Processing Standard, supports non-blocking reverse pressure (backpressure). Website
    • Reactor: Build a development library for responsive Fast data (Fast-data) applications. Website
    • RxJava: Constructs asynchronous and event-based programs through the JVM observable sequence (observable sequence). Website
Rest Framework

The framework used to create restful services.

    • Dropwizard: A Web framework that favors its own use. Used to build Web applications using jetty, Jackson, Jersey, and metrics. Website
    • Feign: HTTP client connector (Binder) inspired by retrofit, JAXRS-2.0, and WebSocket. Website
    • Jersey:jax-rs reference implementation. Website
    • Resteasy: A portable implementation that is fully certified by the JAX-RS specification. Website
    • Restexpress: A Java type-safe rest client. Website
    • RESTX: framework based on annotation processing and compile-time source code generation. Website
    • Retrofit: Type-safe rest client. Website
    • Spark: A Java rest framework inspired by Sinatra. Website
    • Swagger:swagger is a normative and complete framework that provides the description, production, consumption, and visualization of restful Web Service. Website
    • Blade: A lightweight MVC framework developed by the people of the ROC. It has a simple code, elegant design. Website
Scientific calculation and analysis

Library of functions for scientific computation and analysis.

    • Datamelt: A development environment for scientific computing, data analysis, and data visualization. Website
    • JGRAPHT: A graphic library that supports mathematical graph theory objects and algorithms. Website
    • Jscience: A group of classes used for scientific measurements and units. Website
Search engine

Document indexing engine for search and analysis.

    • Apache SOLR: A full enterprise search engine. Optimized for high-throughput communications. Website
    • Elasticsearch: A distributed, support multi-tenant (multitenant) Full-text search engine. Provides a restful web interface and a JSON document without schema. Website

A library of functions for handling security, authentication, authorization, or session management.

    • Apache Shiro: Performs authentication, authorization, encryption, and session management. Website
    • Bouncy Castle, which covers from the basic helper functions to pgp/smime operations. Official website: Multi-Path encryption development library. Support for JCA providers (JCA provider)
    • Cryptomator: Client cross-platform transparent encryption on the cloud. Website
    • Keycloak: Integrates SSO and IDM for browser apps and restful Web service. It is still in beta, but looks promising. Website
    • Picketlink:picketlink is a large-scale project for security and authentication management for Java Applications (Umbrella project). Website
Serialization of

A library of functions for efficient processing of serialization.

    • Flatbuffers: Efficient Use of memory's serialized library of functions to efficiently access serialized data without unpacking and parsing. Website
    • Kryo: Fast and efficient object graphics serialization framework. Website
    • FST: Provides high-performance object graphics serialization compatible with JDK. Website
    • Messagepack: An efficient binary serialization format. Website
Application Server

The server that is used to deploy the application.

    • Apache TOMCAT: Application servers for Servlets and JSPs are robust and adaptable. Website
    • Apache Tomee:tomcat plus Java EE. Website
    • Jetty: A lightweight, compact application server that is typically embedded in a project. Website
    • WebSphere Liberty: A lightweight, modular application server developed by IBM. Website
    • WildFly: Previously known as JBoss, developed by Red Hat. Supports many Java EE features. Website
Template engine

The tool that replaces the expression in the template.

    • Apache Velocity: Provides HTML page templates, email templates, and common open source code generator templates. Website
    • Freemarker: A generic template engine that does not require any heavyweight or self-employed dependencies. Website
    • A template engine written in Java with simple logic and support for semantic extensions (semantic mustache). Website
    • Thymeleaf: A tool that is designed to replace JSP and support XML files. Website

Test content from object to interface, covering performance testing and benchmarking tools.

    • Apache JMeter: Functional Testing and performance evaluation. Website
    • Arquillian: Integration test and functional line test platform, integrated with Java EE container. Website
    • ASSERTJ: Supports streaming assertions to improve the readability of tests. Website
    • Awaitility: A DSL used to synchronize asynchronous operations. Website
    • CUCUMBER:BDD test Framework. Website
    • Gatling: Designed for easy-to-use, maintainable, and high-performance load testing tools. Website
    • Hamcrest: A match that can be used to flexibly create an intent (intent) expression. Website
    • Jmockit: Used to simulate static, final methods, and so on. Website
    • JUnit: Generic test framework. Website
    • Mockito: Create test objects in automated unit tests to provide support for TDD or BDD. Website
    • Powermock: Supports simulating static methods, constructors, final classes and methods, private methods, and simulation tools to remove static initializers. Website
    • REST assured: A Java DSL that provides easy testing for rest/http services. Website
    • Selenide: Provides selenium with a precise perimeter API to write stable and readable UI tests. Website
    • Selenium: Provides a portable software testing framework for Web applications. Website
    • Spock:junit-compatible framework featuring an expressive groovy-derived specification language. The official website is compatible with the JUnit framework and supports the language of the derived groovy fan.
    • TestNG: Test Framework. Website
    • Truth:google's assertions and propositions (proposition) framework. Website
    • Unitils: Modular test function library that supports unit testing and integration testing. Website
    • Wiremock:web Service Test Pile (Stub) and analog functions. Website
Common Tools Library

Generic tool class function library.

    • Apache Commons: Functions that provide a variety of uses, such as configuration, validation, collections, file uploads, or XML processing. Website
    • ARGS4J: command-line argument parser. Website
    • CRaSH: Provides the CLI for running. Website
    • Gephi: Visualize the cross-platform network graphical operating procedures. Website
    • Guava: Collections, caches, support primitives, concurrency libraries, general annotations, string processing, I/O, and so on. Website
    • JADE: The framework and environment for building and debugging multi-tenancy systems. Website
    • Javatuples: As the name indicates, tuple support is provided. Although the concept of a tuple is still controversial. Website
    • Jcommander: command-line argument parser. Website
    • Protégé: Provides an ontology (ontology) editor and a framework for building knowledge systems. Website
Web crawler

A library of functions for analyzing site content.

    • Apache Nutch: A highly scalable, scalable web crawler that can be used in production environments. Website
    • CRAWLER4J: Simple, lightweight web crawler. Website
    • Jsoup: Scraping, parsing, manipulating, and cleaning up HTML. Website
Web Framework

A framework for handling the different levels of communication between Web applications.

    • Apache Tapestry: A component-based framework that uses Java to create dynamic, robust, and highly extensible web applications. Website
    • Apache Wicket: A component-based Web application framework, similar to tapestry with a status display GUI. Website
    • Google Web Toolkit: A set of web development tools that includes compilers, XML parsers, RCP APIs, JUnit integrations, internationalization support, and GUI controls that convert Java code to JavaScript on the client.
    • The Grails:groovy framework is designed to provide an efficient development environment that uses conventions rather than configurations, without XML, and supports mixing (mixin). Website
    • Ninja:java full stack Web development framework. Very stable, fast and efficient. Website
    • Pippo: Small, highly modular class Sinatra framework. Website
    • Play: Use conventions rather than configurations to support code hot loading and display errors in the browser. Website
    • PRIMEFACES:JSF framework with free and supported commercial versions. includes several front-end components. Website
    • Ratpack: A set of Java development function libraries for building fast, efficient, extensible, and well-tested HTTP applications. Website
    • Spring Boot: Micro-framework simplifies the development of new spring programs. Website
    • Spring: Designed to simplify the Java EE development process, providing dependency injection-related components and supporting aspect-oriented programming. Website
    • Vaadin: An event-driven framework built on GWT. Using the server-side architecture, the client uses Ajax. Website
    • Blade: A lightweight MVC framework developed by the people of the ROC. It has a simple code, elegant design. Website
Antique-Grade tools

These tools come together with Java and continue to be used after their own glory.

    • Apache Ant: An XML-based build management tool. Website
    • Cglib: Byte code Generation Library. Website
    • GlassFish: Application server, supported by Oracle sponsored Java EE reference implementations. Website
    • Hudson: Continuous Integration Server, which is still actively developing. Website
    • JavaServer Faces:mojarra is an open source implementation of the JSF standard, developed by Oracle. Website
    • JavaServer Pages: A common Template Library for Web sites that supports custom tag libraries. Website
    • Liquibase: A tool for tracking, managing, and applying database scheme changes independently from specific databases. Website
    • R/java:reddit's Java child community. Website
    • StackOverflow: Question and answer platform. Website
    • Vjug: Virtual Java user Group. Website
A Book of Influence

A Java classic book with a wide range of influences and worth reading.

    • Effective Java (2nd Edition)
    • Java 8 in Action
    • Java Concurrency in Practice | Java Concurrent Programming Combat
    • Thinking in Java | Java Programming Ideas
    • Java puzzlers | Java FAQ

Can be programmed while listening to something.

    • Java Council: Official website
    • Java posse:discontinued as of 02/2015. Website
  • Adam Bien: Freelance, writer, JavaOne star speaker, consultant, Java Champion.
  • Antonio Goncalves:java Champion, JUG Leader, Devoxx France, Java EE 6/7, JCP, writer.
  • Arun Gupta:java Champion, JavaOne star speaker, JUG Leader, Devoxx4kids member, Red Hatter.
  • Bruno borges:oracle Product Manager, Java Jock.
  • Ed burns:oracle Technical Team consultant.
  • Eugen paraschiv:spring Security Course author.
  • James Weaver:java, JavaFX, IoT developer, author, and speaker.
  • Java Ee:java EE Twitter official account.
  • Java Magazine:java Magazine official account.
  • official account.
  • Java:java Twitter official account.
  • Javin Paul: Well-known Java blog author.
  • Lukas eder:data geekery (JOOQ) founder and CEO.
  • Mario Fusco:redhatter, jug Coordinator, active lecturer and author.
  • Mark Reinhold:oracle, chief architect, Java Platform Development Group.
  • Martijn Verburg:london JUG Co-Leader, speakers, writers, Java champion, etc.
  • OPENJDK:OPENJDK official account.
  • Reza Rahman:java EE, GlassFish, WebLogic preacher, writer, speaker, open source hacker.
  • Simon Maple:java Champion, Virtualjug founder, LJC leader, rebellabs author.
  • Stephen Colebourne:java Champion, the speaker.
  • Tim Boudreau: Author, NetBeans Daniel.
  • Trisha Gee:java Champion, speaker.
Technical website

Interesting Java technology sites.

    • Android Arsenal
    • Google Java Style: official website
    • InfoQ: Official website
    • Java Code Geeks
    • Java, SQL, and Jooq
    • Javalobby
    • Javaworld: Official website
    • Jaxenter: Official website
    • Rebellabs
    • The Java specialist ' Newsletter: official website
    • The Takipi Blog
    • Server Programming communication platform is an old IT information website, focusing on server-side programming, with Java and. NET peripheral information as the main. Website
    • Thoughts on Java
    • Vanilla Java
    • Vlad Mihalcea on Hibernate
    • Voxxed
    • Onjava:o ' Reilly Java contains the latest Java technical information, high-quality code, complete examples and detailed explanations. Website
    • Importnew (importnew focus on Java technology)
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