Java Script JS Common events

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OnClick Event
Click events
Ondbclick Events
Double-click event
OnLoad Event
This method is called first when the page starts to load. This method can only be written in the <body> label
onchange Events
triggered when content changes. Can be used in text boxes, list boxes, and other objects, which are typically used in response to other changes that the user modifies the content.

Description: When a user enters text into a text box, the onchange event is not triggered, and only when the user enters the end of the text box, the event is triggered when the text box loses focus, and if it is a drop-down box, it is triggered when the selection ends.
onblur Events and onfocus events
Onblur event that is triggered when the current element loses focus. Corresponds to the onfocus event: Gets the Focus event
Onscroll Events
Window scrolling Event: A function is called when the page scrolls. This event is written outside the method, and no parentheses are followed by the function name, such as Window.onscroll=move
Functionmove () {

?? Alert ("Invoke when Page Scrolls");

Window.onscroll = move;
Mouse-related events
Triggers an event call function when the mouse moves over the range of an object. Note: In the same area, the event is triggered once the mouse moves once.
Triggers an event call function when the mouse leaves an object range.
Triggers an event call function when the mouse moves over the range of an object. Note: In the same area, the function is triggered only once, no matter how it moves.
Triggering an event when the mouse is released
Triggering an event when the mouse button is pressed

Java Script JS Common events

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