Java socket server: JavaScript socket server Side programming.

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The socket programming here does not mean using the XMLHttpRequest object, but actually creating a socket to implement and send and receive data. Use JavaScript to invoke Java's NIO interface to implement socket programming.
Implement a simple echoserver, create a file: Echoserver.js
var socket = __import__ (' socket ', NULL, {})//import socket Library ...
var server = new socket. Socketserver (' ', 8000)//Create a socket Server.
Server.on (' Listen ', function (server) {//join server to start listening for events
Print (' Event Listen on server: ' + server.localaddress + ', port: ' + server.localport ')
Server.on (' clientclosed ', function (client) {
Print (' Event clientclosed on server: ' + client.address + ', port: ' + client.port ')
Server.on (' Closed ', function (socket) {
Print (' Event closed on server ')
Server.on (' Accept ', function (client) {//A new client connection
Print (' New client: ' + client.address + ', port: ' + client.port ')
Client.on (' read ', function (s) {//clinet has data readable.
var input = ();
Print (' Read data: ' + input ')
S.write (Input)//write data to,
Client.on (' Closed ', function (s) {
Print (' Bye bye client. ')
S.write (' input ')
Server.listen ("", 8000)//monitor a port and blocking until the server side is closed.
# JS Echoserver.js
Event Listen on Server:localhost, port:8000
Open a new Window entry
#telnet 8000
# Service-side display
Event Listen on Server:localhost, port:8000
New Client:localhost, port:1978
Read Data:a
Read Data:b
Read Data:c
The test server connection succeeded.
Run the above code, also need a running environment and socket library, can go to download a night build. This article links

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