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Calculates the smallest prime that is greater than one number, based on the input number.

Words are not much to say, direct paste code.

Package com.fuxuemingzhu.countprime.main;

Import Java.util.Scanner; /** * <p> * title:main * </p> * <p> * Description: Calculates a minimum prime number greater than an input of * </p> * * @author Fuxu Emingzhu * * * * * @email * * @date October 27, 2014 PM 4:01:41/public class Countprime {/** * INP

	Utnum Input integer */private static int inputnum = 0;  /** * <p> * title:main * </p> * <p> * Description: The main function of the program, from here into the * </p> * * @param
		args/public static void main (string[] args) {//guide for a guided input System.out.println ("Please enter an integer to be evaluated:");
		Gets the keyboard input getinput ();
	Output results (); /** * <p> * title:getinput * </p> * <p> * Description: Getting keyboard input Results * </p> * * PRIV
		ate static void GetInput () {////Scanner class gets keyboard operation Scanner Inputscanner = new Scanner (;
		Inputnum = Inputscanner.nextint ();
	Close Inputscanner inputscanner.close (); }/** * <p> * title:output *</p> * <p> * Description: Output operation, at the same time the input of the judgment * </p>/private static void output () {if (checkIn
		Put (Inputnum)) {System.out.println ("the smallest prime that is greater than this number is:" + countprime (inputnum)); } else {System.out.println ("input error.") You need to enter a positive integer.
	 }/** * <p> * title:checkinput * </p> * <p> * Description: Need to enter a positive integer * </p> *
		* @param num * @return input is correct/private static Boolean checkinput (int num) {if (num >= 1) {return true;

	return false; 
	 /** * <p> * title:countprime * </p> * <p> * Description: Calculate the smallest prime number greater than num * </p> * * @param num * @return The smallest prime number greater than num/private static int countprime (int num) {/////////////////is greater than the smallest prime int
		Answer = num + 1;
		The above +1 is judged from the next number of this number, and does not judge whether the number itself is a prime while (IsPrime (answer)) {answer++;

	return answer;
/** * <p> * title:isprime * </p> * <p> * Description: Determining whether a number is prime * </p>	 * * @param num * @return A number is not prime */private static Boolean isprime (int num) {Boolean check = false;
			Calculates the square root of this number, reducing the computational steps for (int i = 2; I <= math.sqrt (num); i++) {///////to determine whether the remainder of the divisible variable i is 0, zero indicates that it is divisible, not prime
			if (num% (int) i) = = 0) {return true;

	} return check;

Attach a screenshot of the operation.

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