Java test class calls the LDAP server client information to implement the Add and revise check

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Here is my self-written Java test class calling client-configured user information:;ImportJava.util.Arrays;Importjava.util.Hashtable;ImportJavax.naming.Context;ImportJavax.naming.NamingEnumeration;ImportJavax.naming.NamingException;;;;;;;;ImportJavax.naming.ldap.Control;ImportJavax.naming.ldap.InitialLdapContext;ImportJavax.naming.ldap.LdapContext; Public  class userauthenticate {    PrivateString URL ="ldap://localhost:10389";PrivateString BASEDN ="Cn=zhangsan,ou=users,ou=system";PrivateString FACTORY ="Com.sun.jndi.ldap.LdapCtxFactory";PrivateLdapcontext CTX =NULL;PrivateHashtable env =NULL;Privatecontrol[] Connctls =NULL;@SuppressWarnings({"Unchecked","Rawtypes","Unused"}) Public void Ldap_connect() {env =NewHashtable ();        Env.put (Context.initial_context_factory, FACTORY);        Env.put (Context.provider_url, URL); Env.put (Context.security_authentication,"Simple"); Env.put (Context.security_principal,"Cn=lisi;ou=users;ou=system"); Env.put (Context.security_credentials,"123456");//Env.put ("", "secret");        Try{CTX =NewInitialldapcontext (env, CONNCTLS); }Catch(Namingexception e)        {E.printstacktrace (); }    } Public void Getuserdn() {String DN ="Zhangsan"; Searchcontrols controls =NewSearchcontrols ();//Limit the field content to queryControls.setsearchscope (Searchcontrols.subtree_scope);//Set filter conditionsString filter =(& (Objectclass=top) (Objectclass=person) (cn=)+ DN +"))";//Set the returned attributeControls.setreturningattributes (NewString[] {"UID","UserPassword","DisplayName","cn","SN","Mail","description"});Try{//Control search criteria, or NULL to use the default search control, the property to search for if NULL returns all objects in the target contextNamingenumeration answer = ctx. Search ("Ou=system", filter, controls); while(Answer.hasmore ())                {SearchResult result = (SearchResult) (); Namingenumeration en = Result.getattributes (). GetAll ();if(En = =NULL) {System.out.println ("No namingenumeration"); }if(!en.hasmoreelements ()) {System.out.println ("no element"); }//Output query to the result                 while(En.hasmore ())                    {Attribute attr = (Attribute) (); System.out.println (Attr.getid () +"="+ Attr.get ()); }            }        }Catch(Namingexception e)        {E.printstacktrace (); }    } Public void Testadd()throwsException {Attributes Attrs =NewBasicattributes (true); Attribute objclass =NewBasicAttribute ("objectclass"); String[] Attrobjectclassperson = {"InetOrgPerson","Organizationalperson","Person","Top"}; Arrays.sort (Attrobjectclassperson); for(String Ocp:attrobjectclassperson)        {Objclass.add (OCP);        } attrs.put (Objclass); String uid ="Zhangsan"; String UserDN ="Uid="+ UID +","+"Ou=system"; Attrs.put ("cn", UID); Attrs.put ("SN", UID); Attrs.put ("DisplayName","Zhang San"); Attrs.put ("description","NOT NULL"); Attrs.put ("Mail","[email protected]"); Attrs.put ("UserPassword","11111". GetBytes ("UTF-8"));    Ctx.createsubcontext (UserDN, attrs); } Public void Testdelete() {String uid ="Zhangsan"; String UserDN ="Uid="+ UID +","+"Ou=system";Try{Ctx.destroysubcontext (USERDN); }Catch(Namingexception e)        {E.printstacktrace (); }    } Public Boolean Testedit(){Booleanresult =true; String uid ="Zhangsan"; String UserDN ="Uid="+ UID +","+"Ou=system"; Attributes attr =NewBasicattributes (true); Attr.put ("Mail","[email protected]");Try{ctx.modifyattributes (UserDN, Dircontext.replace_attribute, attr); }Catch(Namingexception e)        {E.printstacktrace (); }returnResult } Public Static void Main(string[] args) {Userauthenticate test =NewUserauthenticate ();//Test.getuserdn ("Zhangsan;ou=users;ou=system");        Try{test. Ldap_connect ();//test.testadd ();Test.getuserdn ();//test.testedit ();            //test.testdelete ();}Catch(Exception e) {//TODO auto-generated catch blockE.printstacktrace (); }    }}

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Java test class calls the LDAP server client information to implement the Add and revise check

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